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database manager

  • Design and implementation of Technolutions Slate CRM.
  • Integrate CRM with Three Rivers CAMS student information system.
  • Customization and support of Antioch College application and student services portals.
  • Design and optimize complex targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Perform office software upgrades.
  • Create office workflow efficiencies.

database manager

  • Documenting and communicating database schemas, using modern notations.
  • Developing load-balanced processes to eliminate downtime
  • Designing databases to support business applications, ensuring system scalability, security, performance,
  • Testing changes to database applications or systems. and reliability. for backup processes.

database manager

  • Completed Air Force basic training
  • Completed schooling/training for database manager/analyst
  • Day to day job was running reports on all aircraft.  Building charts and graphs on aircrafts flight time and downtime.  Printing out reports for customers on base needing information on aircrafts.  Ensuring all maintenance was input into system to keep the system updated on the aircraft.