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contract specialist

  • Prepare contracts and liaise the same to legal department for review and approval
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of contracts with contractors
  • Prepare template of contracts to be uploaded in SAP
  • Meet with clients and other professionals to discuss details of contract
  • Keep and monitor legal volumes to ensure that law library is up-to-date..

contract specialist

  • Consult with the appropriate manager, recruit , interview and select companies with appropriate skills for the project activities
  • Manage project staff according to the established policies and practices in each individual contract
  • Ensure that personnel files are properly maintained and kept confidential
  • Develop forms and records to document activities
  • Set up files to ensure that all project information is appropriately documented and secured
  •  Monitor the progress of the project and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful completion of the project
  • Establish a communication schedule to update appropriate staff  on the progress of the project

contract specialist

  • Monitor all budgeted project expenditures
  • Ensure all financial records are up to date
  • Request payments the Government Electronic Payment systems such as WAWF (Wide Area Work Flow) and RMS  
  • Certified Payroll

contract specialist / relocation specialist

  • Analyze client contracts and transfer employee relocation data into internal CMS system.
  • Coordinate with Account Executives to ensure necessary services were being applied to each product and client. 
  • Liaison between the client’s employee to ensure that they were aware of services being offered, best practice during their transition, and single point of contact for any issues that arose during the transition.
  • Ensured that all clients were offered the best services for their needs to guarantee seamless transition from one location to the next.

contract specialist

  • Developed Quality Control  and Accident Prevention Plans for each individual project