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construction foreman

  • Constructing corners by fastening in plumb position a corner pole or building a corner pyramid of bricks, and filling in between the corners using a line from corner to corner to guide each course, or layer, of brick.
  • Removing excess mortar with trowels and hand tools, and finish mortar joints with jointing tools, for a sealed, uniform appearance.
  • Measuring distance from reference points and mark guidelines to lay out work, using plumb bobs and levels.
  • Breaking or cut bricks, tiles, or blocks to size, using trowel edge, hammer, or power saw.
  • Interpreting blueprints and drawings to determine specifications and to calculate the materials required.
  • Fastening or fusing brick or other building material to structure with wire clamps, anchor holes, torch, or cement.
  • Laying and aligning bricks, blocks, or tiles to build or repair structures or high temperature equipment, such as cupola, kilns,or ovens.

senior construction foreman

  • Scheduled the project in logical steps and budgeted time required to meet deadlines.
  • Conferred with owners, contractors and design professionals to discuss and resolve matters, such as work procedures, complaints, or construction problems.
  • Interpreted and explained plans and contract terms to administrative staff, workers, and clients, representing the owner or developer.
  • Planned, organized and directed activities concerned with the construction of structures.
  • Took action and dealt with the results of delays, bad weather, and emergencies on site.
  • Inspected and reviewed project to monitor compliance with building and safety codes, and other regulations.
  • Studied job specifications to determine appropriate construction methods.

construction foreman

  • Mixing specified amounts of sand, clay, dirt, or mortar powder with water to form refractory mixtures.
  • Cleaning working surface to remove scale, dust, soot, or chips of brick and mortar, using broom, wire brush, or scraper.
  • Applying and smooth mortar or other mixture over work surface.
  • Removing burned or damaged brick or mortar, using sledgehammer, crowbar, chipping gun, or chisel, and

construction foreman

  • Oversaw workers who completed specific pieces of the project, such as painting, plumbing, electrical etc.
  • Directed and supervised workers.
  • Requisitioned supplies and materials to complete construction of project.
  • Investigated damages, accidents, and delays at construction site, to ensure that proper procedures are being carried out.

construction foreman

  • Operated lifts such as booms, scissor lift and forklifts.
  • Handled all finish products.
  • Metal building erecting.
  • Determined labor requirements for dispatching workers to work area.