Cinematographer Resume Examples

cinematographer/assistant editor

  • In charge of capturing the surfing action for their television shows about big wave surfing
  • Responsible for getting the best shot/angle of the days’ waves and not missing a wave. Often staying in one spot for 8-12hrs from dark to dark.
  • Capturing establishing shots for relevant and key scenes.
  • Capturing b-roll, lifestyle, and landscape footage to bring the mood and vibe of the day to the viewer.


  • Myvi Feature
  • Kawasaki RR150 Feature
  • Mazda 3 Feature
  • Kabi&Mona – Proton Saga Feature
  • Shutter Short Film
  • Proton Persona
  • Camaro : Mustang ( shot at Dubai,Abu Dhabi )

cinematographer/editor/content advisor

  • Capturing every wave of surf sessions lasting 4-8+ hours on the beach, often in extreme heat.
  • Capturing b-roll, lifestyles, landscapes and establishing shots for any relevant or key scenes during the trips.
  • Bringing in exclusive footage from work with Brad Domke and other iconic athletes
  • Interviews (candid, writing, questioner, framing, audio, camera op)


  • Managed still cameras and other audiovisual devices
  • Participated in shooting in coordination with film crews.
  • Maintained and updated cost records on a regular basis.
  • Oversaw film supply and equipment purchases.
  • Scouted locations in advance of shooting crews.
  • Assisted in setting up film equipment as needed.


  •  Worked for the Arnold Classic Production with the GFC. 
  • Apply story development, directing, cinematography, and editing to animation to create storyboards that show the flow of the animation and map out key scenes and characters. 
  • Make objects or characters appear lifelike by manipulating light, color, texture
  • I’ve organised a fun day for kids and sponsored with food and drinks and filmed it.
  • Lead a school film project and was the best out of all groups.
  • Organised and filmed soccer tournaments.

cinematographer/editor/field producer

  • Lifestyle footage, to capture the mood, energy, vibe of scene etc. 
  • Action footage, 4-8 hours+ filming on the beach often in extreme heat
  • Filming the interview for the trip’s episode and creating the questions
  • Establishing shots for key scenes
  • Candid moments with quality audio
  • Beauty shots of setting, environment, landscapes etc.
  • Timelapse Video (sunsets, clouds, cityscape, people etc.)


  • Worked for the CNBC-TV18 as a cinematographer for 6 episodes of a TV show called Kiska Brand Bajega, worked with a team of cinematographers with nearly 6 people handling multiple cameras  
  • Wrote TV scripts for the same show Kiska Brand Bajega which was aired on the National Television.
  • Run TV show, short films, live show with the aim of raising people’s opinion for a positive change
  • organized and participated in the annual film festival


  • Conducted live shoots in a variety of interior and exterior environments.
  • Applied innovative techniques to resolve filming issues as needed.
  • Performed editing and other changes in collaboration with technical and editing teams.
  • Oversaw final cut editing.
  • Coordinated with writers new media and business analysts as needed.


  • Coordinate with other film makers to produce a quality product.
  • Assist in any on set lighting/camera duties to help in efficiency.
  • Arrange dates to meet with clients for a personal project.
  • Experienced in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premier.
  • Deliver a high quality product to the customers liking every time.


  •  Analyzing the screenplay, characters, and story structure and deciding on a visual approach with the director. 
  •  Conducting research regarding available locations, props, sun position, and weather conditions at the prospective film sites. 
  •  Selecting and sourcing required equipment, tools, and crew members 
  •  Visiting locations and taking a series of test shots before deciding on the angles, filers, film stock, framing, equipment, lighting, and techniques .
  •  Expanding networks and maintaining relationships with industry professionals .