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avionics technician

  • Visually inspected components, circuits, and other electrical equipment.
  • Tested and repaired faulty wires, connectors, and coaxial cables.
  • Performed operational checks on aircraft electrical, flight control, and navigational systems after completing scheduled and non scheduled maintenance.
  • Troubleshot various malfunctions using technical manuals and schematics. 

avionics technician, instructor

  •   Repaired and maintained radio, navigation, and weapon systems on S-3B Viking, P-3 Orion, and SH-60B Seahawk aircraft.
  •  Coordinated the maintenance of 8 aircraft by 15-20 sailors as avionics shift supervisor resulting in a 100% mission readiness rating.
  •  Taught and mentored more than 50 new sailors as an avionics instructor at CNATT Unit Jacksonville.
  •  Received the Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for over 300 hours of volunteer service to Habitat for Humanity, the USO, and other charities.

avionics technician

  • Inspect completed work to certify that maintenance meets standards and that aircraft components are ready for operation.
  • Maintain repair logs, documenting all preventive and corrective equipment maintenance.
  • Check for corrosion, distortion, and cracks in the equipment utilized for repair of aircraft components. 
  • Replace or repair worn, defective, or damaged components, using soldering hand tools, testing equipment and measurement devices.
  • Measure parts for use, using precision instruments.
  • Assemble and install electrical and mechanical accessories, using publications and schematics. 
  • Communicate with other workers to coordinate fitting and alignment of parts to better facilitate repair of parts. 

avionics technician

  • Heavy C-Checks
  • Fuel Transfer Modifications
  • Performed maintance on systems with binary coding
  • Troubleshoot aircraft Hydraulic system, Thrust Reverser System, Engine and components, flight controls, and Electrical systems
  • Assisted on Engine Drop/Lift Crew
  • Remove/Install new hydraulic lines/fittings on P&W Engines

avionics technician

  • Remove and install avionics components
  • Fault finding electrical, GPS, weapon, radio, pitot-static, night vision, forward looking infrared and radar systems
  • Mentoring members on aircraft maintenance through becoming a part of the squadron training team
  • Reading and interpreting technical publications to perform maintenance
  • Created and maintained electrical looms and harnesses
  • Created and maintained databases to ensure all current stock was in date and serviceable and produced monthly reports on hazardous chemicals
  • Prepared and presented speeches on OH&S, aircraft systems, PPE requirements and correct tool control procedures