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senior asic design engineer

  • NAMI Video CODEC : Micro-architected and designed multi clock domain Host-DMA interface, IR interface, key frames and accumulation update frame generation block in encoder, bit plane statistics computation and several blocks for wavelet transform and arithmetic encoder blocks. 
  • Reed-Solomon FEC IP: Micro-architected and designed the Euclid algorithm block in RS decoder. Wrote the complete RS FEC encoder and decoder golden reference model in ‘C’. Implemented Galois field polynomial arithmetic routines, encoder, syndrome, Euclid, Chien search and error correction routines. 
  • Wireless NIC/Base band processor: Micro-architected and designed DMA control block for Whitecap protocol based Radio MAC. Designed memory interface module for 802.11b core. Wrote full chip tests in ‘C’ for Radio MAC verification. Wrote test benches for MAC and baseband co-simulation. Prototyped 802.11a MAC using Xilinx FPGA. 
  • Generated BIST for all memories. Generated test vectors for on chip interfaces. Completed design changes to support higher rates for 802.11a/g PHY and defined the architecture for 802.11e/i MAC.

asic design engineer

  • Designed complex logic blocks for next generation fabric chips.
  • Worked with chip architect to finalise block level specifications.
  • Designed microarchitecture to meet throughput with area and power optimization.
  • Defined block interfaces and register sets as part of block design.
  • Wrote RTL to implement the microarchitecture and worked with DV team to develop test cases, debug and perform block level bringup.
  • Implemented dwrr scheduling scheme for fabric load balancing.
  • Performed full chip RTL integration.

asic design engineer

  • Designed synthesizable traffic generator for FPGA prototyping of fabric chip.
  • Good knowledge of lint checking, CDC and STA.
  • Good knowledge of low power design techniques i.e, clock gating, power gating and DVFS.
  • Familiar with computer architecture and cache coherency.