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armed security guard

  • Monitored and operated RDISS(Rapid Deployment Intergrated Survalance System)day and night to protect Equpitment in excess of $65 million dollars.
  • Perform internal guard services to include but not limited to, vehicle and personnel entry control points (ECP), mobile patrols and armed escort guard services and duties.
  • Denied entrance to the ammo supply point(ASP) to unauthorized persons.
  • Monitored ASP access and identified all officials and employees before authorizing their entrance.
  • Checked personnel ID badges and issued temporary credentials to visitors.

armed security guard

  • Provided security for the Department of Defense, Us Embassy, US Forces, US Citizen, and properties. 
  • Entry Control Point to ensure that personnel with Authorized Access are allowed unto Installation, 
  • Searched Vehicle; the engine compartment, fender wells, behind the wheels, inside the vehicle, behind and under the seat.
  • Underneath the dashboard, glove compartment and undercarriage mirror device and an Ion scan 400b explosive detective device. Surveillance operating a spotter, night vision scope and binoculars. 
  • Trained in the use of 9mm pistol, M-16

armed security guard

  • Monitored access control systems, including CCTV systems for nefarious activities such as theft and vandalism.
  • Provided friendly and professional assistance to employees, visitors, and customers.
  • Administered basic first aid to injured and ill individuals.
  • Followed established security, safety procedures l, and posted orders to include enforcement of company rules, policies, and regulations.
  • Completed required shift logs, guard reports, highlighting routine activities, suspicious circumstances, and critical incidents.
  • Monitored building and property entrances and exits to detect intrusions and protect assets.
  • Communicated with employees, vendors, and contractors while enforcing policies, rules, and procedures at site.