3d Artist Resume Examples

senior 3d artist

  • Leading the Elevation Team.
  • Responsible for making Architectural 3D Models.
  • In depth analysis of the AutoCAD files sent by the client for making 3D models.
  • Part of Research Team, operating for making product more user friendly. 

junior 3d artist

  • Working as a Junior 3D Artist for almost 2 Years.
  • Started working as a Modelling Artist and  was soon taught Texturing ( VRAY ) 
  • Now working as both modelling and texturing artist
  • Interpret reference images to create product and furniture models.
  • Texture the model exactly same as RPI.
  • Follow design guidelines, asset naming conventions, and other technical constraints.
  • Working on different projects like Mesh Optimization and UVW Unwrapping a model.

3d artist

  • Developed illustrative designs using customer specifications and company standards.
  • Improved quality processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Responsible for creating 3D models from 2D concepts.
  • Responsible for the establishment of art direction and style of assets.

3d senior artist , level designer

  • Model and Texture 3D Environments Based on concept arts and designs.
  • Communicate with 3D and Concept Artists about their responsibilities.
  • Communicate with Technical programmers about creating tools, shaders and scripts to achieve better Graphics and quality.
  •  Level design
  • Create Lighting and Effects for environments
  • Create, Light and Render cut scenes  

3d artist, game designer, game tester

  • Made rules and powerups of the game. 
  • Level Designing. 
  • Rigging and animating the characters (worm and fishes). 
  • Modeling and texturing of background props. 
  • Game Testing. 

3d artist

  • Worked on an entire level of the game from highpoly modeling to engine setup. 
  • Modeling of various character gears (ex: Weapons, Chest Armour etc).
  • Modeling and texturing of various assets for both cinematic and in game.
  • e-learning  

3d artist

  • Lead the surveying process of the waterfront area surrounding George Brown’s Waterfront Campus via satellite imaging, visual cross referencing and physical surveying of the area. This process ensured the scale and accuracy of Waterfront’s prototype. 
  • Responsible for the creation, setup, and importation of 3D modular environment assets to fill the existing world, as well as developing a significant portion of the external environment  through level design and environmental asset placement.
  • Virtual Reality 
  • Augmented Reality

3d artist / architectural visualizer

  •  Create realistic walkthroughs and still 3d graphics for Exterior and Interior. 
  •  Create various 3d models using AutoCAD drawings, Sketch up and 3Ds Max. 
  •  Produce photo realistic high quality renderings using 3Ds max VRAY, Lumion and Adobe programs such as Photoshop. 
  •  Creating tiling textures using Photoshop. 
  •  Dealing with clients for various projects descriptions. 
  •  Ensuring that all product is compliant with company standards. 
  •  Working with teams for 3D data creation of various projects. 

3d artist

  • Build and Setup of 3D lighting for television production.
  • Share knowledge with fellow colleagues on building the perfect lighting.
  • Named key lighter for sets.
  • Assist in 3D modeling and animation.
  • Complete assignments way ahead of deadline.

3d artist

  • Modeling the product from  reference images  and CADD data  to retopology
  • Integrating and developing 3D images and models into Interactive Application for multiple platforms.
  • Developing include AR ( Augumented Reality ) and VR ( Virtual Reality ) Interaction.
  • Automobile products to show 3D Visualizationand real time interaction.