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warehouse technician

  • Learned the many intricate processes of filling medical oxygen tanks
  • Loaded tanks on to the filling rack
  • Inspected each tank for signs of defects such as oil, a loose valve or discoloration of the tank
  • Checked every tank to ensure that it was tested within the past 5 years. 
  • Tested the pressure of tanks after they came off the rack to ensure the tank was full.
  • Tested the purity of tanks by ensuring it met the standard 99.2% oxygen content. 
  • Checked for leaking tanks that could be harmful to a patient

warehouse technician

  • Responsible for the whole operations including warehouse dispatch and  Logistics activities carried out.
  • Good experience in managing and warehouse inventory and preparing daily stock reports.
  • Generated stock report to provide feedback to top management and managed inventory through SAP system
  • Ensuring preparing the inward and outward documents.
  • Responsible for all logistics issues related to dispatch and receipts.
  • Responsible for STO execution and invoicing the bills through SAP
  • Ensuring the FIFO for all products, knowledge in stock keeping.

warehouse technician

  • Cleaned dirty tanks to help prevent the possible spread of infection. 
  • Made sure every tank had it’s correct lot number, as well as medical oxygen label. 
  • Did daily FDA compliance paperwork to make sure the tanks could be monitored if there was an issue. 
  • Occassionally delivered small quantities of oxygen tanks to nursing homes. 

warehouse technician

  • Monitored work areas for cleanliness and obstacles, moving cartons and boxes to keep all aisles free of clutter for ease of movement
  • Utilized computer system and scanner to pick customer orders and assemble the pallets for shipping
  • Packed over 20,000 pounds of paint products daily while keeping detailed records of productivity and identifying areas for improvement
  • Bent, lifted, opened, and moved paint products weighing up to 120 pounds 

warehouse technician

  • Ensure the Availability of material required by contract.
  • Maintain files and records pertaining to all inventory transactions.
  • Examine and inspect stock items for defects, reporting any damage to superior.
  • Perform all the packing, handling and transportation of material to be ship out country for repair or calibration. 
  • Responsible for maintenance and calibration of aircraft ground support equipment.
  • Translation of documents to Spanish.
  • Provide assistance in translation for customers in the installation, repair, or maintenance of material, components or supplies.