Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000
(000) 000-0000

Employment history

Work Experience, Labadie, Bechtelar and Dicki. East Anthonyberg, Michigan
As part of work experience organised through Tully State High School
I completed 3 days of work experience were I assisted reparing electronic devices and customer service.
Work Experience, Wolff, Wehner and Cartwright. South Leonialand, New Mexico
In the week that Jachaiya spent with us during work experience, he interacted with a number of staff across a range of disciplines and was consistently receptive and professional.

He proved to be a quick learner when given new tools to work with, while also willing to ask questions when needed to progress with his tasks. When given a self-directed research task, he showed initiative and an ability to work autonomously.

Jachaiya is communicative and friendly and will easily make a great addition to any team.

My work number is 9550 8170 and mobile is 0420 992 327.

Student Research Assistant, Hettinger-Pfannerstill. Bartonborough, Iowa
In July this year I went to  UQ Sparq - Ed program that collaborates with the Diamantina institute and the mater hospital, this was a 5 day immersion program where I resided in a UQ college.  
In this project, as a team we visualised mammary epithelial cells during pubertal growth, lactation and during post-lactational regression (involution) using histology and fluorescence microscopy. As a team explored whether specific proteins alter their expression or cellular localisation during these phases of massive cell proliferation and cell death. At the conclusion of the 5 day programs we presented our findings to a group of invited doctors and researchers.

Professional Summary

My work experiences so far have allowed me to demonstrate the following skills:
  • Working collaboratively with fellow team members
  • Problem solving innovative solutions
  • Following supervisor instructions
  • Following procedures to complete tasks 
  • Working independently to complete tasks 
  • Use initiative find solutions and seeks assistants as required 


North Bartell, West Sang, Illinois
High School, Present



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More Job Descriptions for :


student research assistant

  • Collect samples of soils, plants, or stream sediment samples in contaminated areas to identify sources of pollution.
  • Prepare soil and plant samples for testing and analysis. 
  • Record test data and prepare reports, summaries, or charts that interpret test results.
  • Make recommendations to control or eliminate unsafe conditions in the contaminated areas.

student research assistant (microbial)

  • Research, document, and select alternatives for web architecture or technologies used in microbiological and immunological research.
  • Creation and management of a lab notebook to ensure constant monitoring of research. 
  • Collaborate with coworkers to determine efficiency and effectiveness of research plans.
  • Follow health guidelines to ensure a safe work environment. 
  • Mix materials to ensure proper mixtures were created and suitable for laboratory testing. 
  • Lab equipment training such as pipetting, sanitary practices, colony plate transfers, agar plate pouring, genome sequencing.

student research assistant

  • Collected and analyze biological data about relationships among and between organisms and their environment.
  • Studied and manage wild animal populations.
  • Programed and use computers to store, process and analyze data.
  • Prepared technical and research reports such as environmental impact reports, and communicate the results to individuals in industry, government, or the general public.

student research assistant

  • Conduct archival research at the British National Archives and Singapore National Archives.
  • Write, present, and publish reports that record history, methodology, along with recommendations for conserving and interpreting findings.
  • Conduct research on economic issues and disseminate research findings through reports and presentations.
  • Review publications prepared by others in order to ensure their historical accuracy.

student research assistant

  • I will be tasked with similar responsibilities I had at Winthrop University.
  • My start date will be March 20 for this position.
  • Species Identification in Arctic Zooplankton Samples 
  • Energy Calculations of lipids  (Bomb Calorimeter)