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sonar technician

  • Attended Basic training Chicago Illinois, Sept – Nov 1976,Third Squad Leader
  • Attended “A” school in San Diego California at FLEASTRACINPAC to trained as a Sonar Technician for surface craft vessels, DEC1976 – March76.
  • Reported to my home fleet aboard the USS Farragut, six fleet, Norfolk Va.
  • Reported weekends and two weeks a year for training and system readiness and was advanced to the rank of STG3 (Third Class Petty Officer)
  • Self released in 1988 to pursue other career goals.
  • Received an Honorable Discharge and DD214. 

sonar technician

  • Supervise the collection, processing, and analysis of acoustic data by a highly trained and acclaimed sonar team to support Undersea Warfare prosecutions in the Middle East and the Western Pacific.
  • Instruct junior enlisted sailors and officers individually and in groups, using various teaching methods such as On-The-Job training, tactic discussions, and sensor demonstrations.
  • Understand and utilize detailed functional and technical publications that document all functional segments and technical/operational capabilities of the SQQ-89 suite.
  • Direct system active sonar testing, preventative maintenance, passive sensor employment and network troubleshooting to ensure peak operational performance of the SQQ-89 sonar suite.

sonar technician

  • Demonstrated an attention to detail and extreme pride in daily performance of duties and responsibilities.
  • Analyzed acoustic signatures. Monitored for the initial detection, classification, and localization of threat surface and subsurface contacts while maintains and supervising daily required maintenance of equipment
  • Kept ship spaces and related sonar equipment clean and in pristine working order for training purposes as well as inspections by division officers and chiefs.