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production designer

  • Responsible for the visual concept of a film or television production while working closely with the director and producer.
  • Manage own accounts and projects, working within budget, and scheduling requirements.
  • Work with art department heads to develop design solutions.
  • Negotiate with vendors to stick to the given budget.
  • Research locations, eras, and genres to accurately portray the story.
  • Hire and direct staff members who develop design concepts into sets and props.

production designer

  • Supervise and manage all things audio from the concept stage to the final build of the games
  • Make themes, background scores, foleys, impact noises and action sounds for all the games
  • Purchase, use and maintain a selection of sound banks
  • Quality check and make sure the programmers write the right codes
  • Mix concept art with sound to get a fresh perspective on the games, especially when working with external clients
  • Keep a log of all sounds, and organize the same for each game produced
  • Help with the scripting and the story line of the said games

production designer

  • Working with the director on the whole play concept in art direction, light and wardrobe 
  • Attending rehearsals to be able to design the best suitable wardrobe for the two characters in the play especially that they change within the show on stage. 
  •  Executing the costume design and art direction of the play (Decoration & wardrobe) 
  • Create custom illustrations or other graphic elements

production designer

  • I freelance as a Production designer and have worked on advertisements, digital content, web series, and feature films 
  • My work in the field includes; formulating basic layout design or presentation approach and specifying material details, such as style and size of type of requirement, photographs, referencing, sourcing, researching, documentation.
  • Managing own accounts and projects, working within budget and scheduling requirements.
  • Conferring with creative, art, copywriting, or production department heads to discuss client requirements and presentation concepts and to coordinate creative activities.
  • Leading daily production meetings and weekly production calls.
  • Working collaboratively with the camera crew shooting in locations, optimizing story visualization for diverse viewers.
  • Managing multiple projects effectively in a demanding environment with tight deadlines

production designer

  • deciding frames while shooting, running the set
  • Developing artistic visual products while working within defined technical constraints.
  • Mentoring juniors in creative processes.