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  • Made use of acrylic wall paint to complete the restoration of the first mural ever made in Serbia’s capital city – Belgrade
  • Collaborated with team of artists in order to complete the task
  • Ensured personal safety through proper use of tools and protective equipment while working on a tall scaffolding
  • Create graphics, illustrations, and three-dimensional models to be used in research or in teaching, such as in demonstrating anatomy, pathology, or surgical procedures.


  • Mural project in Brooklyn, Baltimore.  One of the artists from the small group who partook in the collab.
  • Painted the whole wall white.
  • Measured and marked up the wall in order to copy the image on paper to the wall correctly. Used measuring tape, a leveler and a chalk-line tool to create a grid with squares.
  • Outlined the image from the paper onto the wall square by square.
  • Painted the image with colors corresponding with the colors on the paper.
  • Went back to touch up the mural.


  • Instructed and encouraged kids from Belgrade’s Kids Shelter to make puppet theater toys that would later be painted on the mural in the center of Belgrade
  • Offered kids from the shelter several meetings on which they could have fun drawing and creating toys with students from the University of Arts in Belgrade
  • Designed and planned making of the mural using Adobe Photoshop
  • Collaborated with other students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, as well as from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, in painting the mural with acrylic wall paint


  • Made use of acrylic wall paint while collaborating with team of artists and art professors in order to complete mural for the Music Academy in Belgrade
  • Ensured personal safety through proper use of tools and protective equipment
  • Successfully overcome problems of creating a perspective illusion painting on a rounded wall