Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000
[email protected]
(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced human resources professional seeking an opportunity to advance my career within a growing, employee-focused organization.  Over 3 years of success providing start-ups and small businesses with human resources consulting and management.  
The ability to be resilient and adapting to fast pace environments.Earning trust of others by demonstrating the ability to deliver results on a timely manner.Excellent oral and written communication skills in both English and Spanish.Continuous improvement by maximizing resources and leaning processes. 
The ability to achieve operational excellence for teams of 18+ associates.  Large experience in the Customer Service environment, proactivity and commitment in the working area, experience on people management, , sheet management, vacations, performance, coaching delivery, training on nesting for new trainees, good time management y distribution of duties with other of priority, including weekly meeting with client and creation on performance and improvement plans. Experience on Hiring process, from looking up for candidates, go through a process of testing, paperwork filling, contract and develop the job. 

Employment history

Junior Recruiter, Waters, Bode and Wuckert. Weberfort, North Carolina
Apr. 2020 – Present
Ø  As a Recruiter and resource Manager , on this company every month we receive our client's request, type of contracts and languages they will be needing, afterwards, I start the research for best candidates in the United States, I use our CMS and internal resource tool, and we post out open positions on LinkedIn, Craiglist and many other sources on internet, once I receive enough candidates, I review each CV, filter by skills, and schedule a call with the candidate, over the phone, I perform an interview and verbal test to get to know their English skills, if they pass, I explain the entire process, including a written test they will receive once we finish the call, we talk about deadlines and all talk about our rates and negotiate if necessary. Once my candidates pass the test, we start our paperwork process, we send the paperwork to each candidate and schedule another call to explain how it should be filled, also, we request the fingerprints, since normally they will be working for Government contracts, having all the paperwork, filled, reviewed and ready, they sign the contract, and I contact the security department to submit each candidate to start the EQip process. 
Ø  Also work with subcontractors, I contact different ones around Latin America, and we negotiate the languages we need, the rates and we keep weekly meetings with the Hiring Managers and CEO to get a report of each language and each candidate they will be working with. 
Ø  End to end recruitment, from getting on a meeting with the manager to study the requirements, the skills the client needs and the knowledge they need, to look into my resources to start looking for the right candidates, email them to schedule a telephonic interview, to put them through testing, paperwork and finalize with their contract. 

Team Manager, Reilly Inc. Tillmanfurt, Utah
Jul. 2016 – Dec. 2016
ØStarted as advisor for tech support, moving to TL backup, helping my manager with daily tasks, helping with nesting, providing the last week of training in nesting, and with floor support, moving forward to a position as team manager, leading my team to reach goals, helping their development within the company so they could grow too. 
Ø  Also, worked as QA for the same account in Concentrix, handling calls and chat contacts, making sure agents were following our standards for the quality assurance of every call. 
Ø  HR recruitment, was in charge of sourcing, picking the best candidates and I contact each candidate, confirming an appointment for the interview, once it was all settle, I would go to the HR Room, and had prepared a series of questions for each candidate, including a role play, to identify the strengths of each candidate, to analyze their customer service and their tech support knowledge, being an account directly for Tech Support, they needed to know at least the basics to be able to understand successfully the training. After, choosing our candidates,  would send them to take a written test to know their English Skills, after they passed, we would move forward with the contract and training schedules. 


Southern Nevada University, Muellerport, New Jersey
High School Diploma, High School Bachelor, Sep. 2013


Success Factors
Quality Analyst
Time Managment
Resource Managment
End to End Recruitment

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More Job Descriptions for junior recruiter Resumes


junior recruiter

  • Sourcing candidates through a variety of searching methods (online sourcing and networking through social media, internal database, job boards, company targets, referrals etc.); 
  • Partnering with Recruiters, HR BP and HR Managers in an effort to understand divisional business needs and to develop and execute appropriate sourcing plans; 
  • Support in organising career meetings for students; 
  • Interviewing candidates from current pipelines and help build pipelines for future openings; 
  • Preparing and placing recruitment advertisements through the internet and other advertising mediums. Researching advertising mediums and other creative means of recruitment; 
  • Performing administrative tasks related to recruitment (posting jobs, fliers, etc.);

junior recruiter

  • Source candidates from various Job portals like Naukri, Linked-In.Monster for the roles of Medical Writer, Copy Editor, Scientific Writer.
  • Screen the candidates based on the requirements of the clients.
  • Coordinate various interview rounds and conducting the initial rounds of interviews for shortlisted candidates.
  • Coordinate on- boarding procedure of selected candidates.
  • Coordinate with Training and performance appraisal team for arranging training sessions for newly joined employees. 
  • Complete the On boarding procedures and documentation of newly joined employees.

junior recruiter

  • Partners with hiring managers across teams to understand their business objectives and hiring needs and develop the recruitment strategy and ways to build a talent pipeline accordingly.
  • Conducts screening calls, connects with qualified talents, and acts as talent acquisition advisor to hiring managers to help corporate teams recruit the best talents internationally.
  • Engages in multiple recruitment process improvement projects, aiming to create the best candidate experience to attract world-class talents.
  • Handles data analysis project to provide recruitment insights to hiring teams across the company.
  • Been recognized as recruiter with the most number of hires among the corporate recruitment team in both Q3 and Q4 in 2019.

junior recruiter

  • Performed all activities related to sourcing, screening, interviewing, reference checking, pre-employment validation and presenting offers.
  • Developed and maintained a highly successful recruitment and referral network.
  • Assist in design, development & implementation of staffing strategies and tactics enabling management to determine staffing needs and ensure proper recruitment techniques are being applied to meet those needs.
  • Looking after new joiner’s induction and joining formalities along with creation of employee code and circulating new joiner’s mail.
  • Coordinating with Administration department for workspace allocation, issue of desktop/laptop, ID card.

junior recruiter

  • Used Cluster Analysis to find the best 10 resumes on niche skills : (Using R)  The data for one month was extracted in csv format for the centralized HR portal(BullHorn) . Some of the variables that were taken into consideration are Name, Address, Years of experience, Skill sets, DOB, Sal, Work Authorization, etc. We follow agglomerative clustering since the data was hierarchical. At the end of the process, we came up with 4 clusters. The cluster having the highest mean of the Years of Experience, Salary with relevant Skillsets were predicted to be the most efficient. This was checked using the Summary Function. The model was then validated and was found to have 85% accuracy approximately. It was a monthly Report. 
  • Used Text Mining technique to identify the key skill sets in demand and hence helped to build talent repository  thereby reducing delivery TAT time. This involved cleaning the data by removing the punctuations , numbers, spaces and stopwords, thereby converting the data into a text corpus. The Packages used were TM and WORDCLOUD. 
  • Performing the entire gamut of recruitment – Sourcing, screening, interview scheduling and coordinating with external recruitment agencies according to Client Requirements. 
  • Identifying the hiring need, Planning, Searching, Identifying viable candidates, Recruiting of A-level candidates, (Telephone) screening, Scheduling (Face-to-face) interview.