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java software engineer

  • Implementation of Data-Structure design.
  • Implementing and Customizing End-To-End flow of creating, sharing and applying lessons.
  • Run-time exercises execution implementation.
  • Custom tests Run-time compilation and 
  • Customizing statistics gathering.
  • Code quality review active participation

java software engineer

  • Develop management of rejected direct debits and unpaid checks for the new French social security payments receipt system using Spring boot framework with REST method for Web services part (JPA and PostgreSQL Database), Spring batch for batch part, Angular for Front-end.
  • Develop evolutions on bank transfer J2EE written Web application, using technologies such as Servlets and JSP and Oracle Database. This software is in charge of more than 500M€ of payments transactions per day.
  • Communicate with clients to understand specific requirements and efficient coding of the needs that allow to get in production in less than 3 weeks in average.
  • Develop evolution on credit/loan web application following TDD (Test Driven Development) method and efficient using of main design patterns.

java software engineer

  • implemented features according to business requirements
  • conducted peer code review with other team members
  • Working as Backend engineer.
  • Worked Independently on one project, Working to implement new features for their currently running application, as well as maintaining their system.

java software engineer

  • Design and develop an XML mapping framework, added in an XML files integration module and allowed mapping, integrating and treat more than 5K files per second  with multi-threading.
  • Direct and develop management of Dodd Franck Act in Calypso (Back-Office software), with a gain of 1 week from initial production release plan.
  • Design and develop a new non-regression testing tool that allow to increase production releases reliability to 10% by detecting 10% more regression bugs. In charge of test automation and continuous integration with Maven and Jenkins.
  • Propose architecture and develop a utility tool that allows to store more than 10000 production trades (XML format) per day into MongoDB databases, historize them and give access to them via UI using Javascript technology and frameworks like JQuery and AJAX.
  • Write various SQL scripts to adapt data model to the needs.
  • Develop Calypso module upgrade version patches and various client needs.
  • Communicate project information through presentations and technical reports to the chef of software engineering monthly and report to the rest of team through daily meetings using light agile scrum methodology.

java software engineer

  • Manage packaging and release management of Calypso Bonds module and take action in every part of software development lifecycle.