Andrew Smith

Professional Summary

Experienced Full Stack Developer with 12 years in the industry and high-level proficiency in the following programs: Java, Javascript, SQL, C#, and expertise with HTML and CSS. I am very familiar and experienced with Web Application Architecture and have worked with a good number of successful development teams.

Employment history

Senior Full Stack Developer, Fahey, Huels and Stehr. Marielborough, Ohio
Sep. 2014 – Present
  • Designed and developed efficient and maintainable
    software according to the business objectives and needs of the
    company’s various clients.
  • MYSQL Database Architecture and Administration.
  • Used AJAX, JSON with jQuery for request data and
    response processing.
  • Confer with management or development teams to prioritize needs, resolve conflicts, develop content criteria, or choose solutions.
  • Evaluate code to ensure that it is valid, is properly structured, meets
    industry standards and is compatible with browsers, devices, or
    operating systems.
  • Develop databases that support web applications and web sites.
Full Stack Developer, Johnson-Turcotte. Nathanialbury, California
May. 2017 – Present
  • Design, build or maintain web sites, using authoring or scripting
    languages, content creation tools, management tools.
  • Develop or validate test routines and schedules to ensure that test
    cases mimic external interfaces and address all browser and device
  • Develop databases that support web applications and web sites.
  • Work on the development, enhancements, and operation of web-based software as a talented full-stack web developer within a product-based team.
  • Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks and libraries that support efficient web development (beyond jQuery)


Northern Vermont Institute, New Porfirio, Oregon
Web Development, iOS App Development, Digital Marketing with Certificates, 2013
Pollich Institute, North Lavette, Utah
Master of Science, Business, 2012
South Wisconsin Academy, New Joy, Vermont
Bachelor of Science, Business, 2008
South New York College, South Timmybury, South Carolina
United States Navy, 2001

Personal info

Phone: (000) 000-0000
Address: 287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000



Andrew Smith

Phone: (000) 000-0000
Address: 287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

  • Designs and develops application code in PHP, Java.
  • Front end knowledge (HTML, CSS , JavaScript, XML)
  • Exposure to version control systems (ie. Git, BitBucket)
  • Experience with various database technologies, such as  MongoDB, MySql, Sqlite
  • Experience with Azure and AWS cloud environments to deploy applications and related toolings.
  • Experience with mobile platforms like Android
  • Experience in integrating with REST/SOAP APIs
  • Experience in IDE like Android Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual studio 

Employment history

Feb. 2018 – Present Dickensfort, Iowa
Full Stack developer, Stark, Torp and Treutel
  • Created a RESTful API endpoint using PHP-Codeigniter and SlimApi
  • MongoDB and  MYSQL databases are used
  • Deploying the codebase on Azure VM  
  • Monitor, analyze, and report performance statistics for cloud-hosted environments.
  • Implemented Sendgrid for automated mails
  • Implemented a payment system using PayTm API
  • Developed an internal tool using Bootstrap 

Oct. 2014 – Apr. 2015 Lake Modesto, Colorado
Lead Android Developer, Wintheiser-Reilly
  • Conceptualize, develop, and test native Android applications, including UI, core functionality, and third-party SDKs
  • Developed the chat module using XMPP and push notification   
  • Integrated Google Play services and Google Maps API V2
  • Responsible for Publishing and updating the application on the Google play store
  • Integrated client-side application with server API via asynchronous tasks
  • Worked on clone scripts like:
    • Uber
    • Snapchat
    • 9GAG
    • Secretly

Nov. 2013 – Feb. 2014 East Pasty, Delaware
Powlowski Group
Worked on a venture with friends called Lounge47 where we were building a forum for entrepreneurs. Did some freelance Android App projects during this time, also worked on developing an events app for Lounge47

Jan. 2013 – Mar. 2013 Strosintown, Colorado
Intern, Bruen Group
I worked as an Android developer during the internship


Oct. 2012
Bachelor of Engineering: Electronics and communication
  • The Connelly Academy - New Louieburgh, Maine



Andrew Smith

Phone: (000) 000-0000
Address: 287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

6+ years of experience in Software Development.
A software engineer with a passion for developing innovative programs that expedite the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational success. Well-versed in technology and writing code to create systems that are reliable and user-friendly.
Strong engineering professional background with a Diploma & Bachelor's Degree In Information Technology.

Employment history

Nov. 2019 – Present West Amberly, New Hampshire
Full Stack Developer, Erdman, Willms and Pouros
Especially currently working on Wordpress Plugins based on addon modules for Elementor and Beaver Builder and Gutenberg Page  Builder ( based on React.js ). Following are the plugin names: Powerpack Elements, Powerpack Beaver Addons and WPfomify etc.

  • Cloud-Based User Template library for Elementor, making the user to export and save their templates to cloud and import back and reuse on any other server.

  • Especially currently working on Wordpress Plugins based on addon modules for Elementor and Beaver Builder and Gutenberg Page  Builder.
    Powerpack Elements, Powerpack Beaver Addons and WPfomify etc. 
Jul. 2017 – Jan. 2018 Port Sharafurt, Connecticut
Software Developer, Ernser-Roberts
  • Working in a product based company, currently working on a new product for Email Marketing. Product has various options like:

  • Creating a list of subscribers, importing a list from excel and CSV files.

  • Creating E-mail broadcasts (immediate/ schedule) or autoresponder with AB testing, segmentation and rules.

  • Creating OPTIN forms using drag-drop builder and OPTIN Forms can be integrated using HTML Code, Java Script Code or external URL on the third party website.

  • The project has also functioned like Sales Funnels, Product Launch Pages, Sales tracking, Sales performance, AB test details etc.
    The project has added features like agent hiring, agent task management. 

  • Technology: PHP, MySql, JS, jQuery, AJAX, AMAZON AWS
Jun. 2016 – Jul. 2016 New Elzamouth, Texas
Software Developer, Kozey Group
  • Company is basically in an education sector encouraging digital learning with various E-Learning projects like MindSpark, MindSpark-Hindi, MindSpark-Gujarati, Detailed Assessment, ASSET etc. and other in-house Marketing and HR projects. 

  •  Done Live Chat integration in Current ASSET project
    Added new customizations in Detailed Assessment Project. Added new features in auto assembly for creating automatic papers. 

  • Technology: PHP, MySql, JS, JQuery, AJAX 
Apr. 2016 – May. 2016 West Theodorefort, Alaska
PHP & Wordpress Developer, Torp-Marvin

  • A Multilingual Job Portal Based website where users can be registered as a Job Seeker or as a Job Offerer.

  • The website has a Personal Messaging System. (compose, inbox, sent, trash).

  • Job Seeker after registration can update their profile - personal data, their field of interest and upload their academic documents/certificates. 

  • A  (subscribed/paid)  Job Offerer can search for the job seekers according to the selected criteria for Eg.-either by gender, city, in 10km radius, the field of interest,  qualification etc. Or a combination of any of the search filters. 

  • Job Offerer can send an email as well as a personal message from website to the searched seekers and can also export and download the search results to CSV file. 

  • Job Seeker in return can reply their message can send an email as well as a personal message to the searched seekers. 

Admin Dashboard: 

  • Admin can add a new page, post a Blog, Faq for both Job Seekers as well for Job Offerers visible at front end accordingly. 

  • Admin can view the no of users registered total, according to category, date etc. from filter and graph according to the selected search criteria. 

  • Enable/Disable User Login. Search/View Transaction Invoice and Details. 

  • Change/Add Translation of the text from language to language. 

  • Technology: PHP - CMS (WordPress), MySql, JQuery, AJAX 

  • Paymill as Payment Gateway  

Project: Email Validator Tool 

  • Web-based program to validate an email address, whether it exists or not using MX records and SMTP and IMAP details.
  • Sending emails to the list of emails from Excel and also checks if the receiver has read the email. 

  • Saves the result in a database and sends the Excel result to logged user email address on next day. 

  • Option to download the result in Excel Sheet. 

  • Technology: PHP, MySql, JQuery,AJAX 

Project: VA Management Tool 

  • Web-based program for managing Virtual Analysts and Client’s Project. 

  • Individual Assignment and working hour management of each particular VA on respective Client’s Project. 

  • Each VA logins into his account and selects the Client project, hours for a particular date and saves the record. 

  • Monthly Report Generation of total hours VA has done on a particular client project. 

  • Technology: PHP, MySql,  JQuery, AJAX 

  • Project: Chrome Extension for Lead Notification 

  • Chrome Extension to display New Leads as a popup if any new lead added on the website for the particular logged-in Account.

  • The extension first checks if a user is logged-in if in case not logged in, the user is asked to login in chrome extension and then it checks for the new lead after a particular time interval if new lead found which is not assigned to any other or rejected by other extension displays the notification. The user can then Accept or Reject the leads. 

  • Technology: HTML, JQuery, AJAX, C# 

Project: Calculator 

  • This is a web-based application developed to search ICD codes for the users according to the scenario. According to the request made by users, the data got fetch from the different X. 

  • User can search through different codes and save the result for future use. The single page is used for the whole application. 

  • Technology:  JQuery, Javascript 

Project: Dropbox API/RingCentral 

  • Ringcentral API to get call logs as a JSON and using PHP excel to create an excel file after parsing JSON.

  • Then dropbox API for creating the dynamic folder and uploading that excel file to a particular folder in dropbox. 

  • Technology: PHP, CURL, JS

Project: Online Hotel booking System (beta) 

  • Web-based program to validate a booking hotel and got the role to manage the project, handling the team and helping them in their issues with database handling and management. 

  • Technology:, MySql, JQuery,AJAX 

  • A property-based company website. 

  • Slider customization at home page using jQuery. 

  • Floor Plan customization using jQuery and PHP. 

  • Google Map integration and search for a particular point on maps. 

  • Technology: PHP - CMS (Wordpress), MySql, JQuery, JS

  • Rajiv Gandhi Tribal University 

  • Custom Templates, Gallery integration with custom PHP code and JQuery

Project: and other Noondalton domains
  • Noondalton  Company website. 

  • Customize theme templates with a particular type of categories and posts. 

  • Custom page template with email. 

  • Technology: PHP - CMS (Wordpress),MySql, JQuery 
  • A health consulting website. 

  • A  Directory Listing of Lawyers website. 

  • Google Map customization on the home page.

  • Bulk data import from excel sheet using custom page.

  • Adaptive Chained Paypal Integration in the website. (for Eg.10 % of the payment goes to website admin and 90% to a lawyer selected by the client ).

  • And  few updates and customization in other projects. 
Oct. 2014 – Jan. 2015 North Harryberg, New Mexico
Software Developer, Jaskolski Group

  • Kan Software Internal Website Question/Answer Forum, Responsive Module, SMS integration for notification.

  • Technology: PHP - CMS ( Wordpress ), MySQL

Project: Support Websites

  • Two Support Websites ( and )

  • Responsive Module- as per various display screen size .

  • Technology: JS, AJAX, PHP & MySql, CSS

  • Paypal as Payment Gateway 


  • Updates on Kan Software personal Websites. Responsive Module- as per various display screen size  

  • Technology: JS, AJAX, PHP and MySql, CSS


May. 2012
Bachelor of Engineering: Information Technology
  • Western Hoeger - New Tyson, Nebraska
Mar. 2009
Polytechnic Diploma: Information Technology
  • Southern Schaefer - Johnathonview, Montana



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More Job Descriptions for full stack developer Resumes


full stack developer

  • Currently Working on new product called “Trackhive”.
  • Trackhive is your one stop solution to track multiple shipments from various service providers. Simply enter your shipment tracking id from USPS, UPS, Australia Post, FedEx and get the exact status of your shipment on a single screen.
  • Responsible for developing API in nodejs and front-end in Reactjs.
  • Worked on well known product “Orderhive”.
  • Orderhive is a SaaS-based web and mobile software application that centralizes all your business channels-inventory management, order processing, shipping, invoicing, and tracking-everything-into one simple, easy-to-use piece of software.
  • As a part of customization team, worked on new channels integration (Zoho-Inventory, LightSpeed, NewEgg) using Reactjs

full stack developer (mern)

  • Managing and responding to inquiries
  • Plan resources and teams for an event
  • Generating Quotations
  • Prediction of future business
  • Managing prices automatically as per settings
  • Integrating our software into existing web applications 

full stack developer

  • Successfully revamped, build and deploy a new ARM Engage customer-facing application to play store and AppStore. 
  • Designed, build and deployed a Sales Agent Toolkit mobile application used by foot soldiers in onboarding new client, logging client request among others
  • Developed a Web App and API used by the Toolkit Agents to securely send and receive data for the servers.
  • Developed an EFT payment solution that integrates with GTBank’s  GAPS Payment gateway for financial resolutions within the company. 
  • Developed an ARM Pay used by micro pension clients to pay in their pension contribution. this platform integrates with UBA’s Instant Bills Web Service.

full stack developer

  • Developed End-to-End Blockchain based applications
  • Developed various PoCs in Hyperledger Fabric
  • Part of chaincode development and UI development in various poof of concepts
  • Back-end Api Development using Node Js(Express)

full stack developer

  • Proficient in following the project life cycle methodology, defined under the process framework; ensured that requirement deadlines were met within Time Period. 
  •  Ensured the maintenance of positive and on-going relationships with clients. 
  •  Proven strengths in problem-solving, analytical skills, coordination, and business use cases.
  • Provide effective solutions to individual team to achieve there business use cases in Hassel free way.