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More Job Descriptions for devops Resumes


senior devops

  • Automate integration and and installation IBSng (AAA Application that used in Iran Telecom Infrastructure)
  •  Automate integration  and installation CGW (charging gateway used for proxy in all of Iran cities for connecting to IBSng 3A Server)
  •  Making repository and linux distro for IBSng and all of its services and automate with Ansible
  •  Write Script for doing Automate in some cases with (Python-Perl-Bash Script).
  • Writing Bare Metal Backup with Perl language.
  • Making Mongo Shard for HA.
  • Writing Java Web Service that connect to CGW. 

devops/infrasctructure analyst

  • Maintenance and monitoring of over 200 Linux servers (on premisses and cloud – several distros and cloud providers)
  • Configuration and maintenance of monitoring tool (sensu with customized plugins and handlers in python, bash, ruby and powershell, using Grafana as dashboard)
  • Development of playbooks in Ansible for automation of server configurations (database, web server, load balancers, user’s configurations)
  • Management and configuration of Jenkins jobs (CI/CD flow)
  • Firewall, DNS, routing and network management through pfSense
  • Management and backup routines in several databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB)
  • Troubleshooting application through logs (JBoss and Tomcat) 


  • Working for writing shell and python scripts
  • Write, update, and maintain computer programs or software packages to handle specific jobs such as tracking inventory, storing or retrieving data, or controlling other equipment..
  • Managing and improving existing application running in python and shell.
  • Manage and create docker  and kubernetes containers as needed.
  • Making installation package build using Maven.

devops/serviceability engineer

  • Developing new Nutanix Propriety tools which can help SRE’s and increase the efficiency
  • Maintain the existing tools which are currently in production to make sure they are highly available
  •  Define and drive changes to our product with the Engineering teams through PRD reviews, validation testing and attending regular stand-ups .
  • Review deferred and critical defects with Engineering and follow through to ensure fixes are provided in a timely manner
  •   Work collaboratively with the Support and other cross-functional Organizations for product and process improvements ( 10% of the time).
  •   Check for customer found defects and work with Engineering on prioritizing which ones need to be backported to applicable release trains ( 10% of the time)

devops/release engineer

  •  Release Engineer Involves writing recipes for Jenkins master and slave setup
  •  Setting up opengrok
  •  Gitlab setup, backup and upgrade
  •  Setting up Docker cache registry using recipes in AWS and Azure
  •  Rundeck for taking backup of Jenkins, Gitlab, Sonar
  •  Artifactory and Artifactory cache setup 
  •  Debugging issues related to release production