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More Job Descriptions for construction supervisor Resumes


construction supervisor

  • Identified and implemented strategic plans based on accurate readings of specifications and solid collaboration with project leadership
  • Delegated assignments based on site plans, project needs and knowledge of individual team members
  • Supervised job site employees and subcontractors across all trades to ensure optimal productivity
  • Eliminated project lags by inspecting work-in-progress, tracking lead times and testing work to ensure compliance and top quality control according to contract drawings and specifications
  • Coordinated construction planning, material resources and staff scheduling to ensure on-time, under-budget completion for profitable projects valued in total

construction supervisor

  • Overseeing and managing the construction and repair of swimming pools, as well as certain spas and similar recreational.
  • Programing and coordinating daily activities which consist in swimming pool equipment rooms installation, pool fittings installation, tile installation works and electrical works prioritizing and order taking into account the resources and time to do it. 
  • Making sure to discuss the parameters and requirements of the work with the customer throughout the process. 
  • Ensuring that be clear, specific, concise and complete instructions to ensure the safety of the workers, it’s my priority like foster values and attitudes in human relations between the workers as with the client.

construction supervisor

  • Managing contractors, subcontractors interface.
  • Manage, and track cost  of construction activities.
  • Manage coordinate implement, and ensure compliance with the construction excecution plan, and any improvements and changes made to that plan.
  • Forecast staffing requirements.
  • Facilitate Prestart,Toolbox talks.
  • Ensure construction schedule is maintained.
  • Ensuring all Health, Safety and Environment regulations, are implemented.

construction supervisor

  • Check the measurements of work done, check the Invoices & check daily Progress report ·         
  • Assisted in Material Reconciliation in the final stage of the contract ·   
  • Excavation · 
  • Concreting ·        
  • Form work        
  • Brick Work ·         
  • Finishing ·         

construction supervisor

  •  Development of housing products. 
  •   Prepare Architectural drawings. 
  •   Prepare Bills of quantities. 
  •   Construction scheduling and work plan. 
  •   Supervise on-site construction processes. 
  •   Inspect for quality and adherence to the required Standards and specifications.