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concept artist

  • Conceptualize and help design interfaces for multimedia games, products, and devicesRender drawings, illustrations, and sketches of buildings, manufactured products, or models, working from sketches, blueprints, memory, models, or reference materials.
  • Conceptualize and help design interfaces for multimedia games, products, and devices.
  • Collaborate with engineers, mechanics, and other technical experts as necessary to build and install creations.
  • Create and prepare sketches and model drawings of cartoon characters, providing details from memory, live models, manufactured products, or reference materials.

concept artist

  • My role was as a concept artist for the upcoming (VR) Virtual Reality Game with ROTU Entertainment. Responsible to design all the props, creature designs, and environment designs; by manipulating light, color, texture, shadow, and transparency, and manipulating static images to give the illusion of motion.
  • Create two-dimensional and three-dimensional images depicting objects in motion or illustrating a process, using modeling programs.
  • Create basic designs, drawings, and illustrations for product labels, logos, and props.
  • Create pen-and-paper images to be scanned, edited, colored, textured and animated by computer.
  • Develop mockups for a t-shirt design using multimedia presentations, promotional products, technical illustrations, and computer artwork for use as a promotional product.

concept artist

  • Create basic designs, drawings, and illustrations for Pre-production Stage prior Production and Post Production Phases of Animation Projects.
  • Conceptualize and help design Characters, Props and Backgrounds for Animation Projects from Production and Post Production Stages.
  • Brainstorm environments for a virtual reality game
  • Compile illustrations into Photoshop files

concept artist

  • Worked under supervision of studio head to develop characters, world, and style for the Graphic Novel: “Guttergirl” 
  • Penciled, inked and completed 12 full-colour graphic novel pages for “The RAID Anthology”