Andrew Smith

Phone: (000) 000-0000
Address: 287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

Energetic and goal oriented professional overall 3.2 years experience and 8 months of  IT experience in Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) and Data Warehousing. Having good knowledge in MSBI tool such as SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Database and SQL Server Reporting Services. 

Employment history

Mar. 2018 – Jul. 2018 South Nathalie, Oregon
BI Developer, Blick, Muller and Labadie
Project Profile:
Project1: Axa Insurance- MIS Project Phase II
Client: AXA Gulf, UAE
Role: BI Developer
Duration: Jan-2018 to Aug-2018
Environment: SSIS, SSRS, SSAS and SQL Server 2008


AXA is an insurance company providing various types of insurances to the customers all over the Country. The various types of insurances provided by them are motor, natural disaster, life insurance and medical insurance. Company is targeting for new customers and for loyal customers they are providing coupons, price discounts etc. Help consumers and save valuable time by using online registrations. In this project developing SSIS packages for dimension and fact tables based on SRS document. Loading data by using SSIS transformations, generating reports and building cubes based on client requirement. 

  •  Used Control Flow Tasks like For Loop Container, For Each Loop Container, Sequence Container, Execute SQL Task, File System Task and Data Flow Task in Designing packages. 
  •  Involved in Transformations like Lookup, Derived Column, Conditional Split, Sort, Data Conversion, Union All, Merge Join and OLEDB Command while loading data into SQL Server destination. 
  •  Created Databases, Tables, Cluster/Non-Cluster Index, Unique/Check Constraints Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers. 
  •  Monitored performance and optimized SQL queries for maximum efficiency 
  •   Responsible for Creating and Modifying T-SQL stored procedures/ triggers for validating the integrity of the data. 
  •   Created indexed views and appropriate indexes to reduce the running time for complex queries. 
  •   In SSRS -Implemented drill through, sub reports, drill down, linked reports, main reports which links to all child reports, row by row colors, display values based on dynamic selection of  Parameters, cascading parameters, dynamic selection of monthly data, Lookup functions, shared data sets, subscriptions, etc. 
  •   Creating cubes and processing the cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). 

Apr. 2015 – Mar. 2016 North Julieburgh, New Hampshire
IT-Executive, Hammes Inc
  •         Client : TVS & sons. 
  •         Duration : Nov 2014 to Feb 2017 
  •         Technology: Windows 7, 8, 10. 
  •         Service:Computer Hardware and Printer, Outlook 

  • Giving support on application and maintaining the incidents with      proper resolution as Customer needs. 
  • Outlook maintenances. 
  •  User profile creation like workgroup or Domain 
  •  Vpn configure to user using forticlient software. 
  •  Installation application files in onsite customer location. 
  •  Monitoring the jobs on daily basis. 


May. 2013
M.E in ComputerScience: Computer Science
  • Boehm Institute - Waelchibury, Colorado
Nov. 2010
B.Tech in Information Technology: IT
  • Eastern Prohaska - Grantside, Alaska


SQL Server

Andrew Smith

Professional Summary

I'm a seasoned ETL developer and solutions provider specialising in the delivery of BI systems using the Microsoft suite of tools.

I find the most enjoyable projects are the ones I can work on through all phases of the development cycle, from workshops through to end user training sessions and warranty support.

During my time working in Sydney I've been fortunate enough to provide IT solutions for a variety of businesses and industries including finance, education, manufacturing and property development.

Specialties: MDX, T-SQL, ETL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Kimball


West Iowa Academy, Tracystad, Rhode Island
Bachelor of Computer Science, 2006

Employment history

Senior BI Developer, Lowe-Kuhn. Lake Elliot, Alaska
Nov. 2019 – Present
TAFE is a leading provider of vocational training in NSW. 

As Australia's largest Registered Training Organisation they are currently undergoing a corporate transformation program from a traditional government institution into a competitive vocational training organisation.

As this project was a green fields development, the focus was on designing and implemented solid foundations for an ETL framework to facilitate the movement of data through the organisation from over 18 enterprise data sources, whilst supporting the business during a major organisation wide transformation restructure.

  • Design, develop and implement a Metadata Driven ETL Framework.
  • Extensive documentation of the end-to-end ETL processes, and technical “How-To” guides to assist in development resource induction.
  • Design and implement code management processes (including branching strategies) and build protocols.
  • Mentoring in-house development resources on the importance and benefits of ETL best-practices using TAFE's chosen technologies (SSIS and T-SQL).
  • Support the solution architect in the design and implementation of an enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Design and develop testing strategies for automated unit test of the ETL processes
  • Review physical infrastructure design, and sign-off of provisioning by IT services.
Senior BI Developer, Rempel LLC. Tillmanstad, Iowa
May. 2016 – Dec. 2016
Senior BI Developer, NSW Dept of Education

The NSW Dept of Education is one the largest provider of education services in Australia.

The foundation data warehouse project involved the rebuild an existing legacy reporting system utilising Azure Data Warehouse. The new Azure platform incorporated SSAS, IAAS, PAAS components as required to provide a fully scalable cloud solution for the entire reporting requirements across the business.

In addition to a platform rebuild, the project incorporated the power of Maestro and MDS for Reference Data Managment. Using customised matching and deduplication we were able to provide amazingly valuable insights into a single view of students across NSW. This included leveraging the extraordinary abilities of Maestro address verification and standardisation (via the Google API), as well as implementing fuzzy logic matching to generate a Golden Student Record via record consolidation and deduplication.

  • Design and development of an elastic Data Warehouse solution utilising the full suite of Azure PAAS, IAAS and SAAS technologies including Azure Data Warehouse as a foundation platform.
  • Design and develop a custom ETL framework to allow the flexible ingestion of any structured data source into the foundation Data Warehouse.
  • Design and develop distribution strategy for fact table storage to fully leverage Azure Data Warehouse parallel database engine
  • Develop Stored Procedures utilising Azure Data Warehouse parallel database engine
  • Develop Client deduplication stragies and identification using Profisee Maestro and Microsoft MDS
  • Reporting and analytics with Microsoft PowerBi
Senior BI Developer, Waters-Murphy. Dongburgh, Nevada
Jun. 2015 – Aug. 2015
Macquarie Bank is Australia's leading institutional investment bank, focussing on structured deals and financial markets instrument trading. 
During this engagement, the focus was on assisting in the remittance of an existing BI solution with a primary focus on load and storage scalability, as well as end user query performance improvements and functionality enhancements.

  • Performance enhancements and re-engineering of existing ETL processing, including optimisation of TSQL views and stored procedures, as well as existing SSIS packages.
  • Design and optimisation of multidimensional OLAP cubes using SSAS.
  • Assistance in the review and documentation of the existing ETL framework.
  • Mentoring in-house BI development resources on the importance and benefits of sound ETL using technologies such as SSIS
  • Hosting data modelling workshops with technical resources and key business users to facilitate new data models.
  • Extensive documentation of end-to-end ETL processes and Technical Specifications, as well as design specifications through reverse engineering.
  • Assist in the technical Proof of Concept review of Microsoft APS as an alternative technology to the standard MS SQL relational database engine.
Lead BI Developer, Rosenbaum Inc. Thompsonview, Arkansas
Jul. 2013 – Aug. 2013
Commonwealth Bank of Australia is one of Australia's "big four" retail banks, offering a full service of financial products to both retail and corporate customers. 

During this engagement, I was working in the CBA's internal collections team providing management reporting on operational and financial statistics.

  • Assistance in designing and implementing an ETL framework.
  • Extensive MDX coding, and performance tuning of existing MDX queries.
  • Training of In-house BI development resources on MDX, BI, and SSAS cube development
  • Mentoring Business Analysts and Report Writers on the importance of sound BI principles, as well as the importance of adopting industry proven methodologies such as Kimball etc.
  • Extensive documentation of end-to-end ETL processes, and Technical Specifications, as well as documenting existing processes and designs through reverse engineering.
Senior Consultant, Greenfelder and Sons. Lake Toniland, Hawaii
Sep. 2012 – Oct. 2012
BI Solutions is a Sydney based consultancy specialising in developing and supporting BI solutions for the finance industry. During my time at BI Solutions I worked for BT Funds Management, providing enhancements to an existing BI reporting engine. The solution was based on the Microsoft SQL stack of Technologies.

  • Modifications to an existing brownfields BI solution utilising the Microsoft BI toolset including SSIS, SSAS, SQL Server 2008.
  • Document changes, whilst co-ordinating testing and sign off for production release.
Senior Consultant, Smith-Schoen. East Annamae, Arizona
Jul. 2012 – Aug. 2012
Altis is a Sydney based consultancy specialising in DWH solutions based on the Kimball methodology using the Microsoft BI toolset. 

During this engagement with Altis I worked for Coates Hire, assisting in the design an Enterprise Data Warehouse during the DWH remediation project. The solution was based on the Microsoft SQL stack of Technologies.

  • Provide an enterprise grade BI solution Framework utilising the latest Microsoft BI toolset including SSIS, SSAS, SQL Server 2012.
  • Develop and document enterprise Data Modelling Standards, and Data Naming Standards.
  • Facilitation of data modeling workshops for key stakeholders in the business.

Personal info

Phone: (000) 000-0000
Address: 287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000


Business Engagement and Communication
Data Warehouse solution design
MS Azure Data Warehouse
Data Modelling
ETL Solution Design and Development
SSAS OLAP Cube Design/Development
Power BI

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More Job Descriptions for :


bi developer

  • MSBI Developer
  • Power BI Desktop and Services
  • Microsoft Azure

bi developer

  • Worked as a developer on databases like MS SQL Server 2008, MS Access.
  • Tested to optimize the Stored Procedures and Triggers to be used in production.
  • Maintained the client relationship by communicating the daily statuses and weekly statuses of the project.
  • Involved in Design and implementation of the Logical and Physical model of the database .
  • Created Database Objects – Tables, Indexes, Views, User defined functions, Cursors, Triggers, Stored Procedure, Constraints and Roles.
  • Developed complex T-SQL code for the application. 
  • Worked in Enterprise Manager for job scheduling and batch queries. Installed and maintained MS SQL Server 2008.

bi developer

  • Build reporting solutions using IBM Cognos
  • Manage small BI teams
  • Monitored performance and optimized SQL queries for maximum efficiency. 
  • Implemented fine tuning of database objects and server to ensure efficient data retrieval. 

bi developer/admin

  • Designed more than 100 SAP BW Bex Query and converted those, from BW 3.X to BI 7.X. 
  • Developed about 100 BI 4.0 WebI Reports and AOLAP, based on BEX Query.
  • Configuring SAP BI 7.X queries to be consumed in BI 4.0 and Resolving issues encountered while creating BI 4.0 WebI Reports.
  • Setting up Security Model for all the projects based on requirements. Configuring AD/SAP Authentication with BOE System.
  • Integration of BOXI System with SAP BW System and Troubleshooting all kind of issues related to Webi, Crystal, Publications based on WebI/Crystal, Universe, Database, BOE Server etc.
  • Worked on end user support of around 15000+ users and resolved their day to day issues.
  • Deployment of Objects like Webi/Crystal Reports, Flash, Universes, Categories, Securities etc from one to other environments through LCM/Import Wizard.

bi developer

  • Gathered requirements to define deliverables and deliver a SP-based solution using SAP R/3 across the business
  • Integral in migration of BW CSP, ABAP reports and interface from APO to BW systems
  • Delivered on-going support for complex production issues for BW CSP and BW CSP ABAP interfaces 
  • Oversaw creation of Administration Workbench (RSA1) along with creation and maintenance of BW Objects
  • Customised and configured Source Package, Transfer & Update Rules along with Start & End Routines