Technical Specialist Resume Examples

technical specialist/pni data

  • Responsible for assisting PNI team in various Asset Transfer activities 
  • Working mainly on FTTN project and ensure Spatial Net workspace is ready and up to date for planners, designers, technicians, engineers, and other network professionals
  • Prepare the Spatial Net dictionary for all new equipment modelling requirements by deleting existing copper cables, joints, pillars and Telstra support infrastructure
  • Responsible for loading GML (GDSS File) and XML (NPAMS File) in PNI
  • Perform asset remediation tasks to ensure PNI data is matching with the source data T18
  • Accountable for completion of all the PDOs and ADOs in to Spatial Net
  • Investigate and prepare CAD drawings for all new of network equipment (OSP and ISP) and configure associated dictionary requirements in Spatial Net

technical specialist

  • Perform out bound calls to customer assigned by Level 2 on clearcases towards resolution and service request closure.
  • Developed user interfaces, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular 5 to simplify the complexities of the application.
  • Performed unit testing using Jasmin/Karma.
  • Drive Projects to Improve contact data and self service via member portal – INTOUCH

technical specialist

  • Responsible in handling hard down machine.
  • Supervise team members and their trainings including the handling of technical training for newly hired technicians and production line operators.
  • Check/monitors equipment records such as equipment history, trouble records, PM records, and set-up checklist.
  • Complies with the proper operating procedures for safety, health standard, and environment protection regulation.

technical specialist (quality department)

  • Implemented preventive maintenance practices and upheld equipment guidelines to reduce downtime. 
  • Developed and strengthened prototype designs for use by Test/Product Engineers. 
  • Collaborated successfully with cross-functional development teams to design fixtures and test tool improvement. 
  • Coordinated with vendors to identify and procure appropriate equipment necessary for project completion. 
  • Lead, investigate, propose and implement approved activities which reflect the company direction for the business plan in the areas of Safety, Environmental, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Morale (SEQCDM). 

technical specialist, network technician

  • Improve on-line experience on INTOUCH by implementing portal enhancements
  • Appropriately communicate with upset customers to resolve their inquiries
  • Thrives as a team player in a fast-paced, high-energy, change-oriented environment.
  • Participates in additional training courses when needed.

technical specialist

  • Performs other related duties and assignments as required and as assigned by supervisor or manager.
  • Have excellent time management skills and can make decisions quickly.
  • Multilingual ability is a plus.
  • Ability to adhere to a schedule of customer appointments and follow up if needed.

technical specialist

  • Sound City  – Technical specialist/Stage technician 
  • Titan – Technical specialist/Stage technician 
  • Jam Fest – Technical specialist/Stage technician
  • Tbilisi Open Air – Technical specialist/Stage technician

technical specialist

  • Development of overcurrent co-ordination & unit protection settings.
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) of protection relays at high voltage transmission substation using Omicron 356.
  • Functional testing of protection & control circuit including electrical equipment like breakers in the switchyard.
  • Troubleshoot & supervise technicians for the modification as per schematics on site.

technical specialist

  • Provide floor safety product samples, coupons, informational brochures, or other incentives to persuade people to buy products.
  • Meets the monthly targets in terms of (Revenue-Ancillary-Quality) 
  • Ensures maximum level of productivity, punctuality and flexibility.
  • Understands the real Call Center

senior technical specialist

  • Install or repair network cables
  • Train or instruct employees in job duties or company policies or arrange for training to be provided. concept activities & work in achieving it. 
  • Measures employees’ satisfaction and motivation through effective use of Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Demonstrated ability in training, motivating, and managing high performance teams.