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surgical technologist

  • Prepare operating room for assigned procedure
  • Count sponges, needles, and instruments with circulator
  • Assist surgeon with gowning, gloving, draping, and set up of patient sterile field (suction, bovie and pad, etc)
  • Anticipate needs of surgeon throughout procedure
  • Appropriately label and handle specimens 
  • Room turnover
  • Restock operating room supplies

surgical technologist

  • Prepare operating rooms
  • Handle surgical equipment
  • Prepare patients for surgery
  • Available for all vaginal births and stat cesarean sections
  • Prepare treatment rooms for patient examinations, keeping the rooms neat and clean
  • Help physicians examine and treat patients, handing them instruments or materials or performing such tasks as giving injections or removing sutures

surgical technologist

  • Assist the surgeon in the operating room.
  • Prepare the operating room for surgery.
  • Prepare patients for surgery.
  • Arrange equipment.
  • Disinfect and sterilize instruments.
  • Counting supplies for surgery cases.
  • Moving patients to the operating room.

surgical technologist

  • Collect and set up supplies for specific surgeries and go over supplies to make sure everything is there. 
  • Setup and maintain sterile field before and during surgery. 
  • Help surgeon throughout surgery with different tasks including handing instruments, passing suture, and retracting.
  • Helping team transfer patients before and after surgery when needed.  
  • Cleanup after surgeries.

surgical technologist/assistant

  • Set up OR for surgery and scrubbed in to assist doctors
  • Turnover OR’s, patient, and triage rooms
  • Stock OR’s, patient, and triage rooms
  • Able to scrub and assist in various specialties