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surgical technician

  • Assist surgeons in operating room.
  • Specialized in orthopedics, urology, general, gynecology/labor and delivery, podiatry, ENT, and robotics.
  • Ability to adapt well to change.
  • Disciplined and possess excellent time management skills.

surgical technician

  • Worked as Surgical Technician.
  • Help assisted Surgeons Pass instrumentation for Surgical Procedures.
  • Set-up back-table, mayo stand, light covers, draping, towel rolls, suction, needle holders, ruler, marker, clamps, ties, viewed indicator strips, sutures, basin, sponge and needle count, sharps, ratex, sponges, laps, verifying pass of medication with all appropriate medical staff, glove, gowns, protective PPE, surgical hand scrub, assisted with dressings, transfers, assisted in central supplies if needed.
  • Ability to Scrub in Solo on Varies Cases, Assist with Surgeons preference card for which pack/equipment is need for each procedure.
  • Serviced in Neuro, Burns, Gyn & Peds. Rotated in all departments and worked on all shifts as a technician for trauma cases. Primary setting in surgery GYN/Oncology.
  • Rotation in Open Heart.

surgical technician

  • Assisting with scrubbing and surgical procedures in Cardiac, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Genitourinary, General Surgeries, Orthopedics/Spine, Vascular, Plastics, Podiatry, Laparoscopic Procedures, and Obstretics.
  • Quickly and accurately setup counts without supervision.
  • Provide a sterile field in accordance to aseptic techniques.
  • Ensure the decontamination of instruments and equipment and properly dispose of contaminated materials
  • Exercise a working knowledge of medical terminology, surgical terminology, and hand signals used during surgery.
  • In charge of ordering supplies for the Anesthesia department, and general supplies.

surgical technician

  • Assist surgeons in the main operating rooms.
  • Surgical assistance to physicians and surgeons.
  • 12-week orientation in the operation room to enhance my skills in Cardiovascular, Neuro, Orthopedic and General Surgeries.
  •  Examine instruments, equipment, and operating room to ensure sterility.

surgical technician / sterile processing tech

  • Set Up the OR for surgery
  • Clean and maintain instruments
  • Adhere to sterile techniques
  • Instruments to the surgeon
  • Clean up the OR after surgery
  • Ordering and stocking of materials