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stage manager

  • Supervise and coordinate the work of lighting, backstage, and sound crewmembers. 
  • Collaborate with light and sound editors during the production process. 
  • Meet with technical directors, managers, crew members, and choreographers to discuss details of production, such as photography, lights, music, sets, and costumes. 
  • Complete reports for each rehearsal as well as weekly meetings

stage manager

  • Works along side of the Production Manager to manage the overall production process;
  • Be the point person for the directors, actors/performers, designers, stage crew and technicians. 
  • Created and operated shows, parades, and greetings in a theme park 
  • Responsible for scheduling and attendance management of performers

stage manager/ crew

  • Taking control in high pressure situations
  • Working under heavy time constraints
  • Managing large, difficult groups 
  • Developing and producing a creative vision

stage manager

  • Confer with directors, designers, crew members, and managers to discuss details of production, such as props, lighting, music, sets, and costumes.
  • Consult with directors, managers, or actors about script changes, or “workshop” scripts, through rehearsal with writers and actors to create final drafts.
  • Interpret and create stage-set diagrams to determine stage layouts, and supervise placement of equipment and scenery.
  • Confer with directors and actors to arrange schedules for rehearsals, costume fittings, and sound/light development.
  • Create and maintain the production call book which contains all blocking, light and sound cues, and all prop movement.

stage manager

  • In rehearsals the stage manager also records all blocking, plus all the light, sound and set change cues, in a master copy of the script, also allows the stage manager to run the technical rehearsals, calling each technical cue in turn to determine precisely how it needs to be timed to coordinate with the onstage action.
  • Furniture and prop plans for complicated sets are drawn up by the stage manager and technical designer to show exactly where the furniture and props are to be positioned on stage at the beginning of each scene and sometimes in the wings.
  • Managed over 150 productions ranging from live concerts, corporate events, club nights and festivals.
  • Conduct equipment training for new recruits.