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operating room nurse

  • Operating room circulating nurse for various surgical specialties, including: general, breast, gynecological, orthopedic, plastics and reconstructive, urology, colo-rectal, orthopedics and vascular.
  • Monitor and maintain a safe and sterile environment for all patients and staff.
  • Document patient progress and care provided by the Operating Room team.
  • Maintain supplies and assure sterility and cleanliness in the operative setting.
  • Obtain and care for specimens appropriately according to hospital procedure.
  • Use of operating room equipment accurately and efficiently, such as lasers, cardiac monitor, and other computerized monitoring equipment.
  • Serve as an advocate for patients under anesthesia and communicating effectively with all members of the OR team

senior operating room nurse

  • Administers medication and treatments as prescribed by physician, or standard protocols and documents according to policy.
  •  Assist physicians with examinations, procedures or other patient care activities.
  •  Assist with cleaning, assembling and sterilizing and/or reprocessing all equipment, supplies and Assists in orientation of new staff or students, and serve as a resource person and professional role model and assists with staffing assigned area and performing daily operational processes
  •  Collaborates with other health care team members, patient and family members to determine necessary resources and provide continuity of patient care, Collaborates with other health care team members, patient and family members to determine necessary resources and provide continuity of patient care.
  •  Completes patient population/age-specific/procedure and protocol education and competency testing per unit standards.
  •  Conduct pre and post-operative teaching to patient and family members a Confirms that proper techniques and procedures are used according to accepted Standards of Practice and organizational policies and procedures.
  •  Delegates or assigns aspects of patient care to healthcare team members commensurate with their validated competency to perform the task.

operating room nurse

  • Coordinate with the healthcare team before during and after the operation to ensure the quality of care for the patient that will undergo operation.
  • To Provide efficient and effective perioperative nursing care to patient. Maintain surgical services in accordance with competency standards.  
  • Who works with the patient being prepped for surgery, their family, and as a member of the interdisciplinary care team. 
  • Complete all physician orders, administer medications, and conduct treatments and tests for patients in a timely manner. 

operating room nurse

  • Surgical handwashing, gowning, gloving 
  • Assembles, handles and serves clamps, scissor, knives, retractors, etc.
  • Maintenance of surgical asepsis for long hours 
  • Assisting the surgeons in cutting sutures, retracting, suctioning when able 
  • Counting of sponges, sharps, instruments, needles, blades, etc. 
  • Inserts and removes Foley or straight catheter 
  • Proper positioning and skin preparation for specific procedures 

operating room nurse

  • Documents anesthesia induction, cutting, specimen extraction, etc. 
  • Regularly monitors the functionality of the machines being used intraoperatively 
  • Implementation of WHO Surgical Safety Checklist; Sign in, Time out, Sign out 
  • Labels, confirms then sends the specimen for laboratory tests 
  • Promotes privacy and dignity of patient when changing and cleaning patient pre and post operatively 
  • Establishing rapport with the patient upon receiving from different department 
  • Assesses, orients patient before and during transport to the theater