Dancer Resume Examples

dancer, singer, actor , artist

  • Perform humorous and serious interpretations of emotions, actions, and situations, using body movements, facial expressions, and gestures.
  • Attend auditions and casting calls in order to audition for roles.
  • Portray and interpret roles, using speech, gestures, and body movements in order to entertain, inform, or instruct radio, film, television, or live audiences.
  • Work with other crewmembers responsible for lighting, costumes, makeup, and props.
  • Promote productions using means such as interviews about plays or movies.
  • Prepare and perform action stunts for motion picture, television, or stage productions.
  • Introduce performances and performers in order to stimulate excitement and coordinate smooth transition of acts during events.

dancer / performer

  • Learned choreography
  • Collaborated with other students
  • Performed in Winter concert
  • Social skills 
  • Problem solving skills 
  • Followed dress code


  • Taught dances in high schools around Jakarta
  • Performed in Istora Senayan, Jakarta for the opening of 15th Junior Artistic Gymnastic Asian Championships 2018
  • Went to France in 2017 for cultural exchange program
  • Participated in workshops to learn new skills and keep current on latest artistic techniques.


  • Has danced for Celtic Academy of Irish Dance from 2013-2014
  • Danced for Funk Lab Dance Center 2014-2019
  • Danced in WDANZ for Stivers School For The Arts November 7th 2019
  • Active Dancer in Synergy – The official Dancing Club of NIT Rourkela, where constant dedication and hard work is required in a completely disciplined way as its not a solo job rather a group one.


  • Lead and mentored the team to win SAARANG and DESTINY, two of the India’s prestigious college level dance competitions in the year 2018.
  • Choreographed and taught dance routines and moves to groups of up to 25 dancers.
  • Organized South India’s largest cultural fest TECHOFES in the year 2017 & 2018.
  • Developed professional relationships with different dance professionals, choreographers and performers by actively listening and effectively communicating.

dancer, choreographer, instructor

  • Choreograph dances for summer dance camps.
  • Collaborate with other Staff members to modify dances for certain levels. 
  • Helped with the organization of competitions. 
  • Helped the teams with team bonding exercises and helped them set goals for the upcoming year.  


  • Apply makeup to enhance, and/or alter the appearance of people appearing in productions
  • Introduce plays, and meet with audiences after shows to entertain them.
  • I started dancing for move me soul over the summer after my freshman year of high school and ended the beginning of of my sophomore year of high school. Dancing is and can be a very difficult job, and it can be very challenging mentally. Ballet, hip hop, and jazz are arduous forms of dance  and takes a lot of dedication. While working for Move me soul learned how to:
  • Be a leader and various situations.

dancer/dance teacher

  • Teach dance students (adults and children)
  • won competitions and performed locally and internationally
  • dance different styles(salsa,bachata,cha-cha,merengue,african,modern and ballet)
  • part of 2 other dance companies in the past (Mixed Bag and Staten Island Dance Ensemble)


  • Senior Dancer for various corporate events including events at the ICC (International Convention Centre.
  • “Sharkette” dancer for the Sharks rugby team.
  • Hollywood Bets dancer for the Dolphins cricket team.
  • Attend all rehearsals whenever scheduled.
  • Ensure punctuality, a high level of performance and professionalism at all times.


  • Senior Dancer for various corporate events such as Quattro’s annual awards evening.
  • Senior Dancer at various functions such as Birthday and Engagement parties.
  • Responsible for coordinating the costumes and music for the events.
  • Ensure the professionalism of the dancers at all times.