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child and youth worker

  • Meet the basic and physical care and personal needs of the individual
  • Ensure that each person receiving support is provided with the necessary support and guidance to co-create an Individual Support Plan (ISP)
  • Provide people support with the resources and opportunity to achieve the outcomes of their ISP
  • Familiar with and follow medication procedures as outlined by the agency’s policies and procedures
  • Provide transportation to individuals via association, public transit or personal vehicles as required
  • Communicate with sensitivity and respect with all people to enhance the dignity and quality of life of others
  • Immediately advise the direct supervisor of successes, opportunities or concerns regarding people being supported

child and youth worker

  • Support, encourage, and counsel children/youth to participate and succeed in their lives, homes, programs and/or communities. 
  • Help children/youth develop positive relationships and mantain contact with family network, other agencies, cultural organizations, professionals, government offices, neighbours and community members, etc.
  • Assist children/youth to identify, work towards, and meet identified care plan goals through application of social work standards.
  • In collaboration with the Behavior Consultant and CLBC or MCFD Guardianship Worker, implement and follow through with set goals, behavioral plans, data collection, analysis and complete related documentation
  • Assist children/youth during periods of transition in their lives and assist with case management duties
  • Administer medication to children/youth in accordance with established program guidelines, procedures and instructions.
  • Worked in Residential Settings, as well as Community-based settings. Familiarity working with clients diagnosed with:ADD/ADHD

child and youth worker/ educational assistant

  • Prepare students for transition to mainstream class and former schools
  • Confer with parents or guardians, teachers, counselors, and administrators to resolve students’ behavioral and academic problems through Case Conferences.
  • Working with teens and young adults with severe to moderate developmental and complex needs
  • Observed children to proactively identify issues with emotional or physical development and worked with parents and supervisors to address concerns

child and youth worker

  • Support children and youths emotional and social development, encouraging understanding of others and positive self-concepts.
  • Working in various Group/Foster Homes
  • Assiting children and youth regulate their behaviour
  • Working in a residential setting, offering guidance and company
  • Handing situations that involve: AWOLing, police reporting, and various behaviours
  • Maintain case history records and prepare reports-including Serious Occurrences and Incident Reports
  • Working alongside various Children’s Aid Socieities 

child and youth worker

  • Meet with parents or guardians and Social Worker to discuss children’s progress during Prime Meetings and advise them on using community resources, or teach skills for dealing with student impairments.
  • Observed play activities to identify positive behaviors and areas in need of improvement, implementing behavior redirection where appropriate
  • Sensory Integration Disorder
  • Complex PTSD 

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