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baby sitter

  • Took children outside for playtime
  •  Read to children on a daily basis
  •  Interacted with children to promote strong relationships.
  • Monitored children  progress.

baby sitter (part time)

  • Able to handle children from the age of 1- 5 years old
  • Teach the children how to recite the Quran and prayers
  • Feed the children on time
  • Plays with children and make sure they can sleep well

baby sitter

  • Developed activities that helped children develop physically and mentally.
  • Assisted older kids with homework, school projects and chores.
  • Prepared healthy snacks and meals according to individual needs.
  • Helped younger children learn how to accomplish small jobs appropriate for their ages.
  • Promoted good health by preparing meals with organic and natural ingredients.
  • Communicated with parents through enrollment, tours, newsletters, conferences and direct personal communication.
  • Consistently enforced disciplinary limits for a structured environment conducive to learning.

baby sitter

  • Assist with personal care such as bathing, grooming and dressing. 
  • Ensuring a safe environment and supervising children in a way that is healthy and safe.
  • Picking children up from school, helping with homework, doing housework and disciplining children when necessary. 
  • Walked kids to school and picked them up. 

baby sitter

  • Διατήρηση ενός ασφαλούς περιβάλλοντος παιχνιδιού για τα παιδιά.
  • Βοήθεια με σχολικές εργασίες, προετοιμασία φαγητού κ.ά.
  • Επικοινωνία με τους γονείς για τις καθημερινές δραστηριότητες και τη συνολική συμπεριφορά του παιδιού.
  • Κατανοητική και ενθαρρυντική διάθεση της προσωπικής έκφρασης με στόχο τη συναισθηματική και κοινωνική ανάπτυξη του παιδιού.

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