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aviation technician

  • Performed Phase inspections on UH-1N, AH-1W, and CH-53E helicopters. 
  • Executed maintenance, including removal and replacement on T64-416A, T-700-GE-401, and T-400-CP-400 turbine engines, aircraft gearboxes, hydraulic systems, main and tail rotor blades. 
  • Assisted with structural repairs on sheet metal and fiberglass components. 
  • Pre-set and re-set inspections for OIF and OEF aircraft were completed.

aviation technician

  • Maintain, repair, aircraft structures, functional components, and parts such as wings and fuselage, rigging, hydraulic units, oxygen systems, fuel systems, electrical systems, gaskets, and seals.
  • Handle and store munitions.
  • Assemble and inspect explosives used in training or operations.