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senior loss mitigation specialist

  • Analyze individual financial status, credit, and references to determine collection options based on credit union policy. 
  • Handle member complaints and take appropriate action to resolve them.
  • Negotiate payment arrangements with individual delinquent loans. Draft new agreement for member compliance to new loan terms to absolve delinquency .
  • Prepare risk reports for board analysis regarding both unsecured and secured loan delinquencies as well as actions recommended. 
  • Monitor bankruptcy fillings, hearings, and motions daily. As well as maintain accurate legal bankruptcy knowledge for collection proceedings. 
  • Interview members or references by telephone to gather updated contact information.
  • Offset member accounts per policy for preventable delinquencies after regulated days past due. 

loss mitigation specialist

  • Maintain efficient notes for future use of member interactions, legal proceedings and notes, or collection efforts/recommendations. 
  • File police reports or court hearing regarding fraud committed against credit union. 
  • Investigate missing checks, payment histories, held funds, returned checks, or other related issues to resolve delinquencies or fraud. 
  • Establish and maintain policies and  procedures for accurate training and continued up to date knowledge throughout loss mitigation staff. 
  • Review individual accounts daily for payments received, legal fillings, or updates. 
  • Correspond directly with legal attorneys by preparing documentation for litigation, follow up on hearings, and collections attempts per court orders. 
  • Directed insurance negotiations for totaled vehicles still under credit union lien. 

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