Resume Templates & Writing Tips for College Students

College students looking to snag a competitive job can benefit from resume templates for college students. These resumes are designed specifically for people who are still developing their professional experience while they work on completing their degree.

Choose from Our Best Resume Templates for College Students

Simple Resume Template Use This Template


Blending a classic single column layout with helpful color accents and dividers for ease of reading, the Simple CV template is a balanced choice.

Professional Resume Template Use This Template


If you’re looking for a design that is subtle, elegant, and combines the best of the old and new, the Professional CV template is the perfect choice.

Cool Resume Template Use This Template


This interesting Cool resume example uses a twin-column format and charming icons to differentiate sections.

Modern Resume Template Use This Template


This Modern resume example displays define sections with a traditional black-and-white color pattern.

Contemporary Resume Template Use This Template


This Contemporary resume example counts with thin lines and a classic single-column format that will make the perfect first impression on any hiring manager.

Creative Resume Template Use This Template


For a balance between lighthearted creative and serious profesional, the Creative CV template offers visualizations and a functional two column design.

Why You Should Use the Resume Templates for College Students

College is an exciting time. You’re building your skills, developing knowledge, and preparing to start your career. You likely don’t have extensive professional experience to highlight, though, so how do you create a resume that’s still compelling? Resume templates for college students offer a solution with templates that showcase your educational experience and professional goals. As a college student, you’re a fantastic job candidate, and the right resume can help you prove it!

Resume templates for college students are unique because they are designed to emphasize the skills you are learning and the goals you are developing. Hiring managers are interested in candidates who have a clear plan for their career. With a college student resume template, you can show recruiters how your ambitions are suited to the position you seek. Its versatility also allows you to showcase your strongest skills and demonstrate how those skills could grow in the job you are applying for.

faq4 Resume Templates for College Students FAQs

There are many different types of resume templates because there are many different types of job seekers, and each template is best for a different person. One kind of resume isn’t necessarily better than another, so you should select the template that most effectively highlights your job qualifications. For job seekers who are working on earning a degree, that’s often a resume template for college students. These resume templates are perfect for emphasizing your growing knowledge and developing skillset — two qualities that recruiters often find very attractive.

Once you’ve decided to use resume templates for college students, you might be wondering what they cost — the good news is that they're free to try out! If you proceed to sign up, you’ll also gain access to an extensive selection of other resume template styles, so you can upgrade your resume as your career progresses. This, in addition to our complete resume builder tool, makes it easy to craft a resume that recruiters will pay attention to. Enjoy the simplicity of building your resume with tools tailored for college student job seekers.

Resume templates for college students are designed to highlight your educational experience and your goals as a professional. The format of the template reflects this, but it’s still up to you how to format the information you include on your resume. Generally speaking, it’s best practice to put your prior employment history in reverse-chronological order. This means that the newest work history is listed first. You should also give your educational degrees, with the newest one — including the one that’s in progress — at the top.

Our complete resume builder allows you to write, revise, and reformat your college student resume template until it satisfies your specifications and reflects your qualifications. You can even use the resume builder’s industry-specific prompts to further hone the content of your document. Once you’ve done so, you are free to download the file directly to your computer. The downloaded file is compatible with word processors such as Microsoft Word so that you can continue to customize and update it as needed.