Current Resume Templates & Writing Tips

Current resume templates are like espresso — all the professional goodness of traditional layouts, but in a smaller, bolder format. Discover modern resumes that grab attention and look amazing on mobile devices. Make sure interviewers see why you’re a great fit for the job instantly.

Choose from Our Best Current Resume Templates

Simple Resume Template Use This Template


Blending a classic single column layout with helpful color accents and dividers for ease of reading, the Simple CV template is a balanced choice.

Professional Resume Template Use This Template


If you’re looking for a design that is subtle, elegant, and combines the best of the old and new, the Professional CV template is the perfect choice.

Cool Resume Template Use This Template


This interesting Cool resume example uses a twin-column format and charming icons to differentiate sections.

Modern Resume Template Use This Template


This Modern resume example displays define sections with a traditional black-and-white color pattern.

Contemporary Resume Template Use This Template


This Contemporary resume example counts with thin lines and a classic single-column format that will make the perfect first impression on any hiring manager.

Creative Resume Template Use This Template


For a balance between lighthearted creative and serious profesional, the Creative CV template offers visualizations and a functional two column design.

Why You Should Use the Current Resume Templates

Resumes have changed a lot over the years. What do you need to stand out for today’s interviewers?

  • Simple, sleek format
  • Plenty of white space
  • A layout that looks great on mobile devices
  • Qualifications that stand out
  • Bullet points instead of paragraphs

Current resume templates keep things short and sweet. They flow naturally and are easy on the eyes. Some use pops of color to grab attention. Modern resumes fit virtually every job.

The purpose of contemporary resumes is to highlight your work experience, skills, and education — the things that make you a perfect fit for the job — in an easy-to-read format. That way, interviewers can find the most important information at a glance. Right away, they like your professionalism and style.

What do contemporary resumes say about you? That you’re confident, smart, and focused. Mobile-friendly templates show that you're comfortable with modern technology.

faq4 Current Resume Templates FAQs

There are many options for current resume templates: modern, contemporary, simple, and creative. The best format depends on your personality and the message you want to send.

If you have an incredible imagination — and especially when you're applying for a job where creativity is important — use a creative resume template. To highlight your professionalism and dependability for management positions, on the other hand, a minimalist modern style may be the perfect choice. You have the freedom to choose the template that represents you best.

You can try Resume Builder for free with current resume templates. For professionals who want the flexibility to customize different resume templates, signing up gives you access to way more features. You can personalize free resume templates to see which gives you the best results.

Signing up lets you add HR-approved job description bullet points. These eye-catching bullets help your resume stand out from the crowd. Plus, you get access to expert resume tips that help you build an incredible resume for your preferred job.

The style of your resume gives it personality, from minimalist to elegant. Format decides how the elements are organized on the page. A reverse-chronological format is generally the way to go with current resume templates. This means putting your most recent work experience first. Use bullet points to describe specific responsibilities or achievements.

Another option with a modern feel is the hybrid format combining the functional format with the chronological. This layout uses two columns to show your work experience and skills simultaneously. Choose a hybrid format if you don’t have much work experience or your skills are the most important qualification for getting hired.

Before downloading current resume templates to Microsoft Word, we recommend customizing them in Resume Builder. This gives you better control over the layout and details you want to share, plus you can add countless HR-approved elements. Once you’re ready, save the resume as a Word document (DOCX) and download it to your computer. You can open it in Word and make additional changes as needed.

If you’re sending the resume to a mobile device, you may save it in PDF format. PDFs keep the original layout, so your resume looks exactly the same on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.