Awesome Resume Templates & Writing Tips

There is no better way to show how perfect you are for the job you want than with awesome resume templates. Our easy-to-customize layouts will help you stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of any hiring manager.

Choose from Our Best Awesome Resume Templates

Simple Resume Template Use This Template


Blending a classic single column layout with helpful color accents and dividers for ease of reading, the Simple CV template is a balanced choice.

Professional Resume Template Use This Template


If you’re looking for a design that is subtle, elegant, and combines the best of the old and new, the Professional CV template is the perfect choice.

Cool Resume Template Use This Template


This interesting Cool resume example uses a twin-column format and charming icons to differentiate sections.

Modern Resume Template Use This Template


This Modern resume example displays define sections with a traditional black-and-white color pattern.

Contemporary Resume Template Use This Template


This Contemporary resume example counts with thin lines and a classic single-column format that will make the perfect first impression on any hiring manager.

Creative Resume Template Use This Template


For a balance between lighthearted creative and serious profesional, the Creative CV template offers visualizations and a functional two column design.

Why You Should Use Awesome Resume Templates

Making an impact from the word go doesn’t have to be difficult. To do it, you are going to need an awesome resume template that shows you have both style and substance.

Awesome resume templates are modern, sleek, and appealing. They show that you are an incredibly rare and unique candidate. They prove you are ready to put your best foot forward, and they will even separate your application from the rest.

Awesome resume templates are ideal for roles where you need to catch your recruiter’s eye, like app developer positions, social media positions, and more.

faq4 Awesome Resume Templates FAQs

Resume Build has plenty of awesome resume templates to choose from. So, which is the perfect choice? Keep in mind that there is no ‘perfect’ option when it comes to selecting your awesome resume template. Design experts created each of them intending to help you present your skills in the best way.

Keep in mind that no matter which template you choose, you should aim to present the skills and experience you have so that your resume satisfies the requirements listed in the job ad and clearly shows your achievements and expertise.

Otherwise, when selecting a template, ask yourself these questions: Should you go for many columns or stick to one? Should you select a particular font size - large or small? Is a certain color better for your application? Thinking about these factors is important. They will help add a unique angle to your application.

Here is some awesome news to go with our awesome templates. They are free to sample and experiment with. If you want to build a resume to try out Resume Build’s features, you can do this with ease. Once you explore our templates, we know you will want to gain access to our various other materials.

By signing up to Resume Build you will enjoy a few added extras. Reap the rewards of a huge selection of awesome resume templates. Get advice on the structure of your resume, tips on resume content. Receive insightful job description bullet points the moment you sign up. All this doesn’t cost you anything!

You can choose from three main formats. Choose from the functional resume format, the reverse-chronological format, and the hybrid. As with selecting the resume template, it can be difficult to settle on a format. But there are ways to know which is right for you.

If you are just entering the professional environment, we recommend the functional format. The functional layout was specifically designed to help your employer understand your strengths. It is great for hiding any gaps in your career as it shows off your skills as opposed to your career journey.

The reverse-chronological format does what its name suggests. It shows your career progression going backward from the present day. This format will illustrate that you have years of experience in your field.

And if you are between jobs but have relevant experience in the past, the hybrid resume format is ideal for this. Blending the functional format and reverse-chronological will emphasize your skills. It will even hide the fact that you have been out of work for a short time.

The great thing about Resume Build’s awesome resume templates is they’re ready to use. But if you want to make any small changes to the layout or template, they work with Microsoft Word. You will have no difficulty using them in this format. Plus, if you need to save them in other formats, this is also possible.