ATS Friendly Resume Templates & Writing Tips

Applicant tracking systems automate the application review process at many employers. Using one of our ATS friendly resume templates and our resume builder can help you to pass the ATS and stand out to hiring managers.

Choose from Our Best ATS Friendly Resume Templates

Simple Resume Template Use This Template


Blending a classic single column layout with helpful color accents and dividers for ease of reading, the Simple CV template is a balanced choice.

Professional Resume Template Use This Template


If you’re looking for a design that is subtle, elegant, and combines the best of the old and new, the Professional CV template is the perfect choice.

Cool Resume Template Use This Template


This interesting Cool resume example uses a twin-column format and charming icons to differentiate sections.

Modern Resume Template Use This Template


This Modern resume example displays define sections with a traditional black-and-white color pattern.

Contemporary Resume Template Use This Template


This Contemporary resume example counts with thin lines and a classic single-column format that will make the perfect first impression on any hiring manager.

Creative Resume Template Use This Template


For a balance between lighthearted creative and serious profesional, the Creative CV template offers visualizations and a functional two column design.

Why You Should Use the ATS Friendly Resume Templates

Applicant tracking systems are used by many employers to simplify the challenges of receiving multitudes of applications to job listings. They parse resumes and automatically determine which applicants are most likely to be good candidates. This means your resume needs to be formatted properly for automated review by an ATS, or else you may be overlooked before a hiring manager has even seen your resume. Our ATS friendly resume templates can help you to successfully pass ATS review and increase your odds of getting an interview.

Any jobseeker can use an ATS friendly resume template. They are especially useful when applying to larger employers (that are more likely to use an ATS) and/or for positions that are likely to draw a lot of applicants. Thus, people applying to entry- or mid-level positions are more likely to need ATS friendly resumes templates than those applying to senior-level or executive roles. We offer a selection of ATS friendly resume templates to suit different jobseekers’ preferences.

faq4 ATS Friendly Resume Templates FAQs

There is no simple answer to this question. The company you are applying to, the position, and your individual strengths all contribute to determining which is the best template for you. For example, you may want to choose a traditional template if you are applying to a legal or financial role. However, if you are applying for an artistic role, you may benefit from a more creative template. Similarly, you should select a template that you think will reflect your strengths as an applicant well.

Nonetheless, almost every applicant can benefit from an ATS friendly resume template, especially if applying to a popular position. Try checking out a few template options in our resume builder.

As a user of our resume builder, you can use any of our resume templates for your resume. The builder is free to try, meaning that you can build your first resume and see how it looks at no cost. Additionally, you can take advantage of our suggested job description bullet points and our resume writing tips. We provide everything you need to make an eye-catching resume all in one bundle. These are all yours to use for as long as you maintain your resume builder account.

Formatting your resume is one of the most important decisions to make while preparing your application for a position. The right format makes the document easier to read and highlights your strengths. Plus, formatting can help you pass the ATS. We recommend using our suggested formatting to ensure ATS compatibility.

If you have a strong work history, you should consider using a chronological format, listing your previous positions in reverse-chronological order. To highlight your skills or minimize the impact of a gap in your work history, consider a functional format. A combination format mixes these for the best of both worlds.

You can create and edit your resume easily using our resume builder. When you are ready, you can download your resume in one of several file formats, including a Microsoft Word document. Editing your resume using our builder gives you all the tools you need to create a great resume, including writing tips and suggestions. Plus, you can switch between different templates easily. If you want to continue to customize your ATS friendly resume template in Word, simply download it from our system.