Marketing Resume Examples

marketing/sales & service officer

  • Actively markets, generates and maintains relevant referrals required to attain monthly target 
  • Conduct site visits to ensure the greatest efficiency in completing the department’s targets. Ensuring that the business is legitimate, signage is installed, collection of documentation, site is equipped for the installation of a terminal.
  • Liaise with branches for new account information, providing support to branch for site visits, negotiations and training for branch staff.
  • Maintains customer service delivery for each merchant. Any additional requirement needed regarding Electronic Banking must be completed or passed to relevant department.
  • Ensure proper customer Due Diligence when on-boarding new merchants, interview the customer to complete form and conduct Proper bench marking of sales for risk assessment.
  • Identifying errors and customer issues and providing suggestions and feedback for the service for upgrades of service. 
  • Analyzing customer feedback to initiate change for system.


  • Develop sales strategies that  match  customer requirements.
  • Filing and maintaining merchants’ files and all relating correspondence.
  • Attend to daily requests via email for all merchants.
  • Conduct presentations for customers as needed, to better inform them of our products.


  • Wrote engaging and successful marketing, advertising and website copy 
  • Coordinated with social media, public relations and other teams
  • Developed campaigns and specific marketing strategies for clients 
  • Handling Brand Portfolios

marketing/ production intern

  • Production assistant for photoshoots, music videos, and other campaign-related activities. 
  • Organized the marketing budget and office calendar. 
  • Composed strategic social media and email marketing campaigns through Canva, and content calendars to promote client’s social media on Buffer. 
  • Copywriting, embedding of  ISRC Codes in Audio and Video Files. 
  •  Organized confidential and sensitive documents of all employees and ensured files were kept up to date. 


  • create awareness of and develop the brand 
  • maintain and update customer databases
  • organize and attend events such as conferences, seminars, receptions and exhibitions
  • run social media channels (e.g. Facebook and Website) to enhance audience engagement
  • help with marketing plans, advertising, direct marketing and campaigns

marketing, advertisement, corporate events

  • Evaluate the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, or return-on-investment and profit-loss projections
  •  Responsible for defining and managing end user training for CRM – Customer Relationship Management(Hub spot, Mail chimp) solutions 
  • Managed user setup, access, dashboards and reporting 
  • Responsible for distribution of required reports from the CRM Database Solution 
  • Worked on FIWARE Membership – Market survey, Benefits of being in the marketplace
  • Master thesis (Project) with FIWARE Foundation as well as  with European Commission 


  • Verify the functioning NGO’s by personally visiting the NGO
  • Pursue them to register under us and be a part of the network.
  • Promoting, negotiating, and selling product.
  • Consult with customers and provide an advice on the types of products expected and needed.

marketing, advertising/public relations personnel

  • Supervised the marketing department’s monthly analysis of customer acquisition data and campaign performance.
  • Write and send letters of thanks to clients.
  • FB Ads Specialist working with WindFarm Marketing clients such as California Family Fitness
  • Managed Social Media Accounts for Non Profit Teen Challenge of Sacramento


  • Maintain the fling system.
  • Keeping proper track record of file movements within the unit.
  • Opening and closing the file according to the prescribed way.
  • Storage and retrieval documents and files.
  • Maintain electronically and manual document filing system.
  • Record incoming and outgoing documents .
  • Prepare documents and submit it.


  • Required training for 300 hours.
  • Audio Editor (cleaning)
  • Scriptwriter
  • Social Media Journalist (Facebook)
  • Transcriber
  • Video Editor (trimming)