Liquor Store Manager Resume Examples

liquor store manager

  • Vast knowledge of products, allowing for exceptional advice and service to all customers about vast products. Knowledge obtained by visiting tastings, meetings and launches, about products.
  • Negotiate or improve contracts or agreements with suppliers and  distributors. This helped the business reduce prices paid for goods and allowed for targets on sold goods to be met and exceeded week to week.
  • Review reports submitted by staff members to recommend approval or to suggest changes. This helped the flow of the business internally, easing pressure on staff and employer, as it made for a healthy environment in store.
  • Implement corrective action plans to solve problems. Allowing correct spread of job responsibility and correcting job completion, allowed for more tasks to be completed to a higher standard. Creating a better environment in store for customers and staff. 
  • Following up on product issues and quality control. This was a massive part of the job, as I would receive stock and review it for any breakage, out of code or imperfections it might have had. Asking for a full refund or replacement of the product, to insure the best quality of stock the store could sell.
  • Customer disputes and complaints surrounding products and service. This allowed for me to find new ways to tighten the working efficiency of my staff and the business, as it gave me outsider feedback on what we are doing wrong as a team.