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junior ios developer/intern

  • Designed and developed Unions App iOS application.
  • Responsible for the design, build, deployment, debug & maintenance of the iOS application.
  • Tested applications on multiple devices to ensure compatibility standards.
  • Effectively applied popular third-party libraries such as Alamofire, Google Places, SD-WebImages.

ios developer

  • Worked on the Swift 4.2 and Xcode 11.
  • Worked with UIKit, CoreData, Localization, web Services. 
  • Implemented iBeacon technology with the CoreLocation framework.
  • Implemented Deeplinks using Framework.
  • Developed features using TDD with Quick and Nimble Framework.
  • Worked in an Agile Environment.

senior ios developer

  • PAI Up – worked in team as lead iOS developer on cryptocurrency wallet. App had P2P connection via socket with network and worked in multi-thread environment using SQLite for storage. Added token currencies, news feature, bitcoin support, fixed bugs etc.
  • PAI Yo – created native iOS plugins where one of many was camera plug-in with using AVFoundation to provide the best possible image capturing options to PAI Yo (unity app) users. Implemented auto exposure adjustments based on face point of interest and provided various photo capture settings.
  • 3D Avatar framework – implemented iOS framework which is used to provide unity generated 3D avatars to iOS developers. Inside iOS layer of framework implemented both server communication (http and websocket) and communication with unity layer of framework. Designed and implemented API for end developer, wrote docs, created private closed source CocoaPods repository for clients to incorporate framework in their apps and demo apps to showcase functionality.
  • P19 Sign in framework – created framework that was made to be use as sign in module for all apps of my client, it consisted of sign in, login, authentication including video, voice and photo authentication.
  • How Tall app – worked on small (sort of game) app that uploads users voice to server and then guesses how tall is user.
  • TTS (text to speech) framework – worked on framework that generates voice for given text input. Implemented server calls that generate voice response based on text containing request. App also had offline mode where C module was responsible for text to speech conversion. My job in either case was to also make audio queue that will make sure that voice sound is correctly supplied to player and that player controls (stop, resume, play) work correctly. Framework also had callbacks with words that are being spoken at the moment.

ios developer

  • Design and build advanced app features for the iOS platform.
  • Independently craft project solutions by applying solid Object-Oriented-Design principles.
  • Swift Developement Experience.
  • End to End Development and deployment Maintenance Experience.
  • MVVM Architecture.
  • Till now development 10+ apps.

sr. ios developer

  •  Responsible for collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and the development of quality products for the iOS platform.
  • Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications.
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and auto
  • Time Ticket – an enterprise iOS application used by employees in the company(NEXT) to enter their daily working hours and to generate and share monthly timesheet. Core functionalities included PDF generation and app uses RESTful web services.