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  • Non Commissioned Officer directly in charge of 12 marines and responsible for training and mentoring them to prepare them for combat.
  • Served multiple jobs to include machine gunner, team leader, squad leader, and also took charge as a platoon sergeant.
  • Accountable for over $50,000 worth of gear and equipment including weapons, ammunition, communication gear, and various types of optics.
  • Tasked out to plan and carry out missions using advanced land navigation, map reading, and marksmanship skills to accomplish the mission.
  • Awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medel for exceptional performance of duty as a squad leader.

infantryman/psychological tactical operator

  • Analyze and classify risks and investments to determine their potential impacts on local populous
  • Network within communities to develop rapport and partnerships
  • Assist individuals by providing information and resolving their complaints.
  • Answer individuals’ questions, and provide information on procedures or policies.
  • Keep records of assignments and produce detailed work reports and presentations.
  • Providing briefings and presentations to management for decision-making purposes
  • Collect information and make judgments, using interviews, observational techniques, and reviews of documents


  • Assigned squad leader in charge of nine personal in the platoon
  • Weapon Specialist 
  • Trained and supervised subordinates in unit standard operating procedures
  • Aided in the operational planning of combat operations
  • Task and maneuver squad element to conduct specific operations
  • Devised and implemented a standard operation procedure using Microsoft Word that was adopted throughout the organization
  • Security Clearance, Secret 

infantryman/ defense travel clerk

  • Coordinate or maintain office tracking systems for correspondence or follow-up actions.Operate weapons and equipment in ground combat operations.
  • Interview individuals to compile information on social, educational, criminal, and institutional history
  • Coordinate with local government to ensure safety and stability
  • Use sound judgement and critical thinking to make decisions on behalf of the Canadian Armed Forces

infantryman/ deisal mechanic

  • Attended and graduated from Basic training, A.I.T school for mechanic, 1st aid training, Blue force tracking and other certifications.
  • Repaired and drove Mraps and humvees, among other military vehicles.
  • Performed preventative and regular maintenance on vehicles.
  • Deployed, and swithched jobs from mechanic to infantryman.
  • Acted primarily as driver in lead vehicle on missions, and sencondly as on foot patrol, occationaly as gunner
  •  provided security throughout different parts of northern Afghanistan
  • Handeled, trained on, operated and carried M4 rifles along with many other military weapons and gear.