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flight dispatcher / route planner

  • Analyzes and evaluates meteorological information to determine potential hazards to safety of flight and to select the most desirable and economic route of flight.
  • Computes the amount of fuel required for the safe completion of flight according to type of aircraft, distance of flight, maintenance limitations, weather conditions and minimum fuel requirements prescribed by federal aviation regulations.
  • Prepares flights plans containing information such as maximum allowable takeoff and landing weights, weather reports, field conditions, NOTAMS and many other informational components required for the safe completion of flight.
  • Prepares and signs the dispatch release which is the legal document providing authorization for a flight to depart.
  • Delays or cancel flights if unsafe conditions threaten the safety of aircraft or passengers. Monitor weather conditions, aircraft position reports, and aeronautical navigation charts to evaluate the progress of flight.
  • Updates the pilot in command of significant changes to weather or flight plan and recommends flight plan alternates, such as changing course, altitude and, if required, enroute landings in the interest of safety and economy.

flight dispatcher

  • Weather, altitudes, routes, emergency procedures, crew coordination, lengths of flights, food, and numbers of passengers, fuel onboard, and Mel/CDL items deferred, and how that can affect the airplane performance.
  • Elaborate the loading sheet, and send it to the personeel in charge to load baggage and cargo.
  • Elaborate fuel order, and send it to the mechanic in charge.
  • Gather information of passengers on board, how cargo and baggage is loaded, and the create the Weight and Balance Report.

flight dispatcher

  • Monitor the weather along flight routes and at all destinations and alternate airports.
  • Monitor the progress of each flight.
  • Remain constantly aware of the location and status of all company aircraft under their control.
  • Cancel or re-dispatch a flight if in the opinion of the dispatcher or pilot in command the flight could not be operated safely

flight dispatcher

  • Check METARS/NOTAMS to facilitate legality and safety to dispatch flight, Also look for airport and runway closures before flight is dispatches or pilots called.