Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000
[email protected]
(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

I’m a Youth Pastor with experience. I am committed to spreading the gospel and leading individuals to Christ. I’ve provided a lot of outreach work, and developed different plans and events for Christians and those with questions. I have experience in counseling and education. I’ve worked with adolescents and their families. I have a drive to preach to all individuals regardless of age group.


East Rolfson, Weberville, Iowa
Master of Divinity, Biblical Studies, Oct. 2012

Employment history

Youth Pastor, Larson, Spinka and Koelpin. New Delisaport, Pennsylvania
Apr. 2016 – Present
Organized various youth programs that focused on teaching the bible. Had to promote spiritual growth in the Christian life for different age groups. Provided meetings for the different groups tackling the books of the bible and also various subjects through the lens of the word of God. Communicated with parents about what their children were experiencing and addressed any questions they may have. 

IMS Unloader, McLaughlin and Sons. Lake Ardithmouth, Utah
Aug. 2011 – Jan. 2013
Was in charge of setting up the backroom for unloading the trucks. I also got the items out of the trucks and organized them into different pallets and carts. I also pulled the merchandise to the floor. In charge of stocking various departments. Assisted any customers with their needs. 



Native speaker


Operations Management

Community Outreach

Spiritual Counseling

Program Development

youth pastor

  •  Hosted a small group once a week where over 20+ students would attend. I would also have to write and edit lessons for a wide audience that ranged from 11 years old to 18 years old. 
  •  I would assist in planning high-energy events that included contacting speakers, musicians, and assigning roles to the youth team. 
  •  Designed multiple graphics a week to be posted online and would proofread all Instagram and Facebook posts before being posted. 
  •  Mentored various students and was able to serve as a leader to leaders by meeting with them one on one and providing training on the various roles that I fulfilled.  

youth pastor

  • Planned out lessons, activities, and worship for students
  • Created an after school environment for students to gather and fellowship and complete homework
  • Redesigned the youth room to appeal to students
  • Invested in the lives of students on an individual basis

youth pastor

  • Leading youth services and activities
  • Managing team of adult volunteers
  • Working directly with the local High schools 
  •  Coordinating media team 

youth pastor

  • Do Campus Ministry
  • Handle and manage Youth Events
  • Counsel the youth
  • Lead the Youth Camp

youth pastor

  • Plan, organize and execute weekend teaching programs, community outreach activities, team meetings, as well as social outings for my assigned ministries
  • Work alongside pastoral staff in setting vision & mission of the church, leadership training, preaching, as well as manage and create budgets
  • Counsel students and families, as qualified
  • Write and prepare sermons.

youth pastor

  • Provide direct service and support to individuals such as handling a referral for child advocacy issues, conducting a needs evaluation, or resolving complaints.
  • Invest in the lives of teens and young adults for the purpose of leading them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • Full-fill the Great Commission with gentleness. 
  • Developed outreach events.

youth pastor

  • Writing lesson materials
  • Developing Games
  • Emailing Parents
  • Developing and Leading a Small Staff under me
  • Developing and leading a group of volunteers
  • Organizing camps and mission trips
  • Organizing fund raising events

youth pastor

  • Invite Oakland’s underpriveleged youth to the BAUN campus to uplift and encourage them to live better and more fulfilled lives, all services provided by the pastors including food, transportation, entertainment and live music
  • Visit the homes and families of the youth in the discipleship program to make sure that they are well taken care of and are making steps towards a positive future.
  • Implemented a deep and wide based youth ministry focusing on developing deeper relationships with God aswell as reaching wide in evangelism.
  • Organized and established ministry events such as; lock-ins, conferences, camps, and other outreach opportunities. 

youth pastor

  • Provide visionary leadership for, and development of the children’s ministry (infant  through12th grade) for a urban centered church. 
  • Educate the children and youth with Christian precepts, while making it palpable and practical for daily living. 
  • Coordinate with youth teachers to develop systems and ministry initiatives that seek to educate the whole child. 
  • Teach classes and deliver hermeneutics related to Christian education and practical life skills.
  • Partner with various groups within the church to plan and execute youth-centered events.

youth pastor

  • Youth Ministry planning and programming
  • Youth ministry teams coordination 
  • Youth events and weekly services coordination 
  • Parent and student connection and communication 
  • Support in Sunday ministry and Young adults ministry 
  • Weekly staff meeting and team coordinating  
  • All Church graphic design for web, social media, service media presentation 

youth pastor

  • Having a strong knowledge of scripture.
  • Be a good communicator. 
  • Must be able to teach/lead in a way that is relevant to their audience. 
  • Must have a passion for students and a desire to challenge them to grow in their faith.
  • Have excellent people skills that are necessary when dealing with both students and parents. 
  • They must also be a hard worker and willing to do some physical labor.
  • Assign Volunteers in needed places.

youth pastor

  • Developing and coordinating youth events like Camps, conferences, seminars, Day outs, Hikes etc.
  • Coordinating Evangelism activities in Church especially those connected the Youth Ministry.
  • Structuring youth discipleship and bible study forums.
  • Offering pastoral care and counselling to the youths on various diverse issues that the youths are going through.
  • organizing youth missions to high schools and primary schools.

youth pastor/minister

  • Coordinated, led and organized a local church youth group of approximately 100+ students.
  • Implement policies, procedures, and standards in conjunction with goals and direction of the program.
  • Recruited, trained and led volunteer staff of 25-30 adults with various skills and diverse personalities.
  • Resolved complaints and answer questions regarding policies, procedures and standards. 
  • Assisted in the development and oversight of the youth ministry budget. 
  • Managed out of state student events and trips