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Professional Summary

My name is Thearne MInick and i am a 26 year old psychology student at The University of the District of Columbia. My personal strengths are that I am dedicated, patient, ambitious, respectful and resourceful. My skills are that i am good at using computers, typing, writing, adequate with college level math and i am a good speaker.  My work experience is minimum in comparisons to peers my age but i have worked as a custodian at my former high school (The Monroe School).  I Have also worked as a youth counselor at Benning Starter Recreational Center. Overall, i am a dedicated person when put to the task. I am good at working in groups, leading my fellow co-workers and i acknowledge my mistakes. I would be a benefit to any company/organization that hires me because i’d contribute to a healthy work environment by being positive, giving 100% effort on work assignments and being an example employee. 

Employment history

Jun. 2014 – Jul. 2014
Aldochester, Louisiana
youth counselor, Metz, Windler and Douglas

-Worked with youth to ensure safety.
-Guided them with recreational activities. 
-Provided them with Breakfast and lunch.
-Cleaned surrounding areas of youth’s recreational space.

Jun. 2013 – Jul. 2013
Lake Jeriport, Massachusetts
Custodian, Bradtke, Lemke and Auer

– Sanitized Restrooms, Cafeteria, Hallways & classrooms
– Discarded trash
– Mowed loans around school property
– Rearranged classrooms for staff when required


expected to graduate May 2020: Psychology

  • Western Ratke – Port Cherilyn, New Jersey

Nov. 2012
High School Diploma

  • East Kentucky Institute – Schoentown, North Dakota


Good Listener


Good at writing

Good at Typing

moderately fast learner

Good Speaker

Very social


youth counselor

  • Supervising and entertaining children between the ages of 4 and 12
  • Leading group activities, keeping campers challenged and entertained
  • Making sure campers follow the daily schedule 
  • Understanding physical safety rules and camp policies
  • Projecting enthusiasm when working with the campers
  • Striving to be a role model for the campers

youth counselor

  • Used cognitive behavior therapy to assist youth in recognizing and redirecting poor habits.
  • Strategized with clinical team to prevent inmate diversion, abuse and recidivism.
  • Led educational seminars and lectures at several departments in the university to expand awareness of mental health symptoms and issues.
  • Assessed student issues pertaining to depression, anxiety and physical abuse to resolve conflicts between students, peers and teachers.
  • Worked collaboratively with other mental health professionals to provide consistent care and minimize diversion. 

youth counselor

  • Supervise & Interact with teenagers 
  • Assisting in resolving problems and ensuring their needs are met 
  • Helping each student to improve his or hers academic performance 
  • Evaluated organizational requirements and determined the amount and type of merchandise to acquire.

youth counselor

  •  Teaching kids to boost there mortality and unlocking their fullest potential.
  • Boost moral in the work environment.
  • Adept in situation that needed to be done at moments notice can step up to plate if needed.
  • Responded to customer queries and quickly resolved.
  • Help promote event and sports leagues that were going on at the time.
  • Covered shifts for employees who are absent.
  • Obtained, inspected, and processed documentation to satisfy customs and insurance requirements.

youth counselor

  • Provided individual and group mentoring to participants in the youth program
  • Developed health plans for youth 
  • Provided ongoing academic support to program participants 
  • Set up and managed paper or electronic filing systems, recording information, updating paperwork, or maintaining documents, such as attendance records, correspondence, or other material.Filed Paperwork

youth counselor

  • Created game plans according to the youth program.
  • Organized and run activities.
  • Registered kids and explained the youth program and policies to guests.
  • Hosted family activities inside the kid’s center and other venues around the ship.
  • Assisted managers with inventory of kids center supplies.
  • Accepted and processed guests’ payments in the MICROS system.
  • Ensured safety procedures were followed at all times. 

youth counselor

  • Supervising and protecting juveniles throughout the day while enforcing academy rules
  • Transporting juveniles to and from appointments, transfers, home visits, court hearings, etc.
  • Observing and reporting aggressive behavior before an escalation
  • De-escalating and restraining during aggressive conflicts

youth counselor/coordinator

  • Educated children about social pressures whilst encouraging the understanding of religion and creating a peaceful environment.
  • Organized and held several sporting and educational events to engage students.
  • Addressed academic challenges by provided homework help and tutoring for children in a learning environment at a bilingual elementary school after-school program.
  • Strategically planned fun programming that strategically builds cognitive and dexterity motions though children’s play activities

youth counselor

  • Supervise youth to maintain their safety, security, and well-being at all times 
  • Provide intervention and support for youth in crisis 
  • Model appropriate behavior and safe communication with peers and staff 
  • Facilitate a weekly skills training group to encourage positive self-development and empowerment 
  • Document behavioral interventions and case notes on Efforts to Outcomes software 

youth counselor

  • Served as a key representative on Youth Council Government to direction of future plans for camp programs and services
  • Responsible for reviewing the Camp’s Campus Master Plan and normal event planning consisting of all short and long-term camp objectives
  • Planned and executed a leader ship retreat for all campers assigned, resulting in heightened group morale.
  • Youth works is a seasonal employment for the youth during the months of June through August. I was employed with youth works every summer from the year 2010 until 2014.

youth counselor

  • Used cognitive behavior therapy to assist youth in redirecting poorhabits.
  • Interacted with troubled youth and offered resources andprograms to surmount challenges.
  • Monitored youth behavior and offered guidance and support forpositive change.
  • Liaised with parents and caregivers to provide updates onprogress and behavior.
  • Encouraged children to talk issues out with each other and withoutanger, which eased tense situations.
  • Engaged and interacted with youth members, teachingsustainable habits and coping mechanisms.
  • Supervised individuals in small group atmosphere to cultivatesafety, independence and structure.

youth counselor

  • Provide direct service and support to a Youth group, such as handling a referral for child advocacy issues, conducting a needs evaluation, or resolving problems and complaints.
  • Counseled adolescents individually or through group sessions
  • organized activities
  • filed paperwork

youth counselor/ front desk, trainer

  •  Developing an age appropriate day-to-day curriculum for camp.
  • Effectively supervising kids ages 5-15.
  • Create appropriate fundraisers for the campers.
  • Create community events for the campers.
  • Being responsible for payment accounting for each camper during camp.
  • Maintain weekly reports.
  • Worked with kids to help develop & unlock their talents &abilities that all kids are capable of doing.