Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000
[email protected]
(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

I am a very versatile person being able to make quick decision and also plan and organize.
Im good with people which includes children and adults.Communications are very proficient being able to hold my own in a conversation.
I am also good with children.I do truly love working with kids, I think that is because I’m the oldest In my family and I have three little brothers ,and also me being a youth coordinator I have worked with children mostly so that my normal environment on a day to day bases.

Employment history

Youth Coordinator, Gaylord, Armstrong and Graham. Lake Percy, Hawaii
Nov. 2019 – Dec. 2019
  • Support children’s emotional and social development, encouraging understanding of others and positive self-concepts.
  • Organize and store toys and materials to ensure order in activity areas.
  • Model appropriate social behaviors and encourage concern for others to cultivate development of interpersonal relationships and communication skills.
  • Organize and conduct age-appropriate recreational activities, such as games, arts and crafts, sports, walks, and play dates.
  • Supervise and assist with homework.
  • Teach and perform age-appropriate activities, such as lap play, reading, and arts and crafts to encourage intellectual development of children.
  • Remove hazards and develop appropriate boundaries and rules to create a safe environment for children.

Admin/Communication, Wunsch, Schiller and Mills. Lake Freddie, Louisiana
Apr. 2019 – May. 2019
Working with adults and children 24/7 as in children trying to find there parents or a kid is lost, people having issues with there ticket and getting into the park and also problem solving when a guest is unhappy about something and somehow changing that situation into something that both parties would be happy.Other things that I did while working here was daily greetings which was greeting the guest before they came into the park and getting them excited to enter into the park.


Western Parker, Vanburgh, Minnesota
Music Therapy, Music, Present

Kling Institute, Tillmanfort, Mississippi
High School Diploma, General, Nov. 2019

Emmerich College, North Olen, Colorado
Culinary Specialist, Culinary, Sep. 2019


Child Care




General Music


youth coordinator

  • Implementing and approving youth programs 

youth coordinator

  • Create and participate in community events.
  • Maintain an attendance record of the youth, take note of their engagement and any theological questions they may have.
  • Plan, evaluate, and revise catechism content, catechism materials, and methods of instruction based on the age, engagement and learning methods.
  • Perform administrative duties such as email correspondence, scheduling, event logistics and promotional material.

youth coordinator

  • Balance receipts and payments in cash registers.garbage.
  • Teaching children proper ways of expressing emotion and dealing with difficult situations pertaining to their home lives.
  • Keeping to a learning curriculum .
  • Maintaining attendance weekly to ensure that the curriculum is complete by the scheduled time.