• Production plan (Assembly lines).
  • Update, control and follow up on the production plan.
  • Weekly production plan adherence.
  • VSM of receiving process.


  • Feed MPS with customer´s orders on a daily basis.
  • Analyze MPS and MRP to create production plan.
  • Purchase orders based on MRP input.
  • Raw material track.
  • Monitor and control of expenses.
  • Planning based on capacity (CRP).
  • Production plan (Molding/KANBAN).


  •  Stock Management (Availability, Production and FIFO) 
  • Phase in and Phase out management of products successfully 
  • Manage all aspects of on-time delivery of Customer order to International destinations 
  • Financial claims to customers for all out of contract supplies and services 

planner / buyer

  • Standardized and documented the planning / buying process through Job Aids and multiproduct line collaboration
  • Developed Quote / Buy Document for part inquiries that is currently being used by other members of my team
  • Organized process valve five day turn time with supplier
  • Sourced, purchased and met cost goals for Ingersoll Rand and Siemens Development Projects
  • Identified and managed long lead times parts with Moog’s Japan sub and collaborated risk mitigation plan


  • Supervises mission planning, production, revision and dissemination of STO products on behalf of JFSCC.
  • Plans, supervises and integrates the delivery of non-lethal Electronic Warfare effects ISO multiple CCMD OPLANs.
  • Integrates space objectives and tasks ISO mission plans, achieves high-sensitive ops with global theater implications.
  • Vintage profiles maintain and adhered to 

planner/sales order coordinator

  • Coordinate related actions w.r.t Sales Planning and Forecasting 
  • Material Planning w.r.t product availability for dispatch (OTIF) 
  • Contracting & Administration, management for contract bottling 
  • Weekly Production Scheduling Reports & Meetings compiled for all clients  
  • Receive demand-planning (forecast) from clients 
  • Investigate; update and revise policies and agreements w.r.t contract bottling 
  • Wine planning and allocation in cooperation with the wine cellars 


  • Maintains and creates budget reports for brands for business control manager and chairman 
  • Analyzing brand performances using key performance indicators on a daily basis to see if target is reached 
  • Presents monthly budget achievement performance to executive managers to see what areas need to be improved and making sure gross profit is met as well as achieving budgeted sales
  • Created promotions for brands based on current and historical data
  • Gives approval for buyers’ monthly purchases 


  • Open work order by using MUI system & SAP system
  • Planning and monitor for raw material inventory and finished good
  • Monitor material stock level
  • Monitor material preparation for production
  • Monitor daily finished good packing
  • Arrange shipment packing


  • Forcast plan and resources need for incoming projects
  • Capacity planning
  • Making process plan for the incoming projects
  • Pipeline Planning

senior planner/buyer

  • Daily correspondence with three manufacturing sites- Scotland, Puerto Rico and Beverly, MA  ensuring delivery plan maintained, production objectives met and revenue targets achieved.
  • Responsible for supporting Purchased raw materials including extruded plastics, glass elements, IM plastics and cable systems to support plan electrode production.  
  • Assign and provide and assign technical support for production challenges.
  • Secure all material to support domestic builds as well as troubleshoot any sourcing challenges. 
  • Developed quarterly Manufacturing plans (MPS) for each facility,
  • Introduced over 70 new products during tenure.


  • Receives and confirms purchase order from customer
  • Monitors and requests material to cater purchase order
  • Facilitates material input  to production
  • Monitors and ensures shipments of PO to customer
  • Answers inquiries from customers regarding PO and shipment related concerns
  • Monitors and feedback stock status of material

planner/cost controller

  • Develop and update resourced project plans
  • Track project execution to ensure adherence to budget, schedule, and scope.
  • Confer with project execution team to identify and resolve problems.
  • Schedule and facilitate meetings with stakeholders during life of project
  • Conduct internal/external audits as prescribed – Certified to IS9001


  • Work in close cooperation with internal and external associates to secure on time delivery of orders.
  • Identify operational deviations and suggest improvement potentials for parameters and set-ups affecting the delivery planning. 
  • Monitor shipments and in case of possible misses take necessary action, improvement plan and inform ACO’s regarding the supply plan to secure availability and relationship with customers. 
  • Actively contribute to the development of the Delivery processes and system within the Supply Chain.


  • Plan and establish work schedules, assignments, and production sequences to meet production goals
  • Review, analyze, and approve costs, work orders, schedules, and other records and reports to determine production requirements and to evaluate current production estimates and outputs.
  • Submit requisition for materials, supplies, parts, or repair services.
  • Maintain operations data, such as lead time, production, and cost records, and prepare management reports of production results.

senior planner / buyer

  • Standardized buying and planning in the Additive Group per the ICD Supply Chain Standard Processes
  • Cleaned up and standardized part demand for NF Additive Planner Code to accommodate all ICD, Space & Defense and Aircraft Group
  • Identified and on-boarded primary and secondary sources for Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and Tensile Testing for the additive team
  • Negotiated additive build plate resurfacing pricing and turn time with primary supplier
  • Created a Kanban card for overhauled parts in the electro-hydraulic group
  • Created a visual “Plan for the Day” for office use
  • Successfully resourced parts from an Exit supplier to several of our Grow suppliers though a cost, lead time, on-time delivery and quality assessment


  • Organize timelines, schedules, and budgets
  • Plan sequences of operations, applying knowledge of physical properties of workpiece materials.
  • Generate reports on long- and short-term resource requirements for the project, interact with key stakeholders to ensure proper planning and it identify conflicts or issues and offer solutions. 
  • Analyze project performance against the critical path. Propose corrective actions to mitigate schedule slippage. 

junior planner

  • Economic Analysis of TourismDevelopment Infrastructure in10 Strategic National Tourism Area of Indonesia, assigned by Ministry of Tourism 
  • Study on Tourism Transportation Development in 25 Strategic National Tourism Area of Indonesia, assigned by Ministry of Tourism 
  • Detailed Spatial Planning (RDTR) of Border Area between Indonesia and Democratic Republic of Timor Leste, assigned by Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning
  • Spatial Planning (RTRW) and Urban Design Guideline (UDGL) for New Town Area in TanjungSelor (North Kalimantan) and Pontianak (West Kalimantan), assigned by Ministry of Agrarian andSpatial Planning 
  • Human Settlement Planning for New Town Area in TanjungSelor (North Kalimantan) and Pontianak (West Kalimantan), assigned byMinistry of Public Work 
  • Analysis of vertical housing sites for industrial workers in Bogor, Bekasi, and Karawang, assigned by Housing and Settlement Official West Java Province 
  • Sustainable City Settlement Index of 112 cities and regencies in Indonesia, assigned by Ministry of Public Work

planner/ scheduler

  • Review project documentation, break down the scope of work to create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and work packages. 
  • Create detailed project schedule in Primavera P6 assigning relationship between activities, hard/soft logic, resource loading and leveling with constraints and milestones. 
  • Collect progress updates from construction team and update schedule with %completion status. 
  • Monitor Design and Procurement processes and incorporate it into the project master schedule. Daily update the progress in scorecards and perform earned value calculations. 
  • Develop and issue weekly look-ahead schedules. 
  • Integrate third party and sub-contractor’s schedules into master schedule and update on a regular basis. 
  • Effectively communicate relevant project information to key stakeholders.