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Professional Summary

A certified nursing assistant job descripton includes wearing many hats. Learn about the different tasks you’ll perform. A certified nursing assistant’s (CNA) mainrole is to provide basic care to patients, as well as assist them in daily activities they might have trouble with on their own, such as bathing.

Employment history

Patient Care Assistant, Sanford-Dibbert. Rebekahfurt, Illinois
Dec. 2019 – Present
Patient care assistants perform a number of tasks, such as taking vital signs, assisting with daily living activities, observing patients and charting changes in their health or behavior, escorting patients and obtaining lab specimens. They may work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics or other health care settings.

Certified Nursing Assistant, Abbott-Jacobs. Mannside, Missouri
Sep. 2016 – Jan. 2017
Certified nursing assistants help patients with their basic needs. Generally, this means helping them bathe, dress and feed themselves. These patients might include stroke victims, the elderly residents of nursing homes, or individuals recovering from an accident, injuries or surgeries in a hospital. From temperature to blood pressure, some CNAs are responsible for taking and recording patient vital signs. Routine tasks such as these are typically the initial steps of a patient’s visit to a physician’s office or hospital, which means the CNA has the responsibility of making a positive first impression for the medical team. In line with meeting patients’ basic needs, duties of a certified nursing assistant often include serving meals to patients, making beds and helping clean rooms. This can mean cleaning out bedpans and changing soiled sheets. It also means getting the chance to have regular, one-on-one contact with patient the compassionate relationships that can help people make it through times of illness with dignity. Storing and setting up medical equipment might involve laying out tools for the next patient exam or perhaps moving heavy medical equipment from one room to another. Some states allow CNA’s who have had the appropriate training to assist with or perform some medical procedures, such as drawing blood. Working so closely with patients on a daily basis, CNAs observe not only the obvious changes in a patient’s physical condition but the subtleties of their emotional state. That intuition can have immeasurable impact on helping patients make it through a trying recovery or come to terms with a long-term condition.


Certified Nursing Assistant, Barrows Group. O'Reillyville, Connecticut
Jul. 2016 – Aug. 2016
Certified Nursing Assistants are typically responsible for the general care of their patients. Duties will vary, depending on the specific needs of the patient. The most common responsibilities are taking and recording vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure; assisting them to and from their bed or chair as needed; and helping them with feeding and personal hygiene. CNAs may also assist doctors or nurses during medical procedures.

Member Service Representative, Gerlach, Davis and Haag. South Leonard, New Mexico
Jan. 2016 – Feb. 2016
Greet members, prospective members and guests, providing exceptional customer service. Handle all front desk related activities including:

Answer phones in a friendly manner and assist callers with a variety of questions.

Check members into the system.

New member sign-up.

Take prospective members on tours.

Facilitate needed updates to member’s accounts.

Respond to member questions and concerns in a timely and professional manner and elevate to Assistant Manager or Manager as needed.

Assist in maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of the club.

Sever and Bartender, Hamill, Macejkovic and Jacobson. Lake Adolph, South Dakota
Apr. 2015 – Sep. 2015
Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages for bar and restaurant patrons. Interact with customers, take orders and serve snacks and drinks. Assess customers’ needs and preferences and make recommendations. Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails. Plan and present bar menu. Check customers’ identification and confirm it meets legal drinking age. Restock and replenish bar inventory and supplies.
Stay guest focused and nurture an excellent guest experience. Comply with all food and beverage regulations

Server, Hills, Olson and Carroll. North Tracie, South Carolina
Feb. 2014 – May. 2014
Food servers perform a variety of tasks, from preparing the food, stocking supplies,serving, charging people for their food, handling cash, credit cards, and a cash register, cleaning tables and counters, resetting tables, greeting customers and answering questions.


Northern Montana Institute, East Brunoville, Rhode Island
Certified Nursing Assistant, Nursing, May. 2016

Northern Kessler, Nienowchester, Nevada
High School Diploma, Aug. 2014


HIPAA and patient privacy

Use of proper documentation standards

Strong organizational skills

Willing to learn new skills

CPR and first-aid certified

Patient and environmental safety

Proficient in basic skills of patient care

Vital signs and patient observation

Knowledgeable in medical terminology

patient care assistant

  • Responsible for providing care for a disabled, wheelchair-bound patient; ensured that the patient’s needs were the primary focus at all times.
  • Provided companionship, light laundry, organized daily activities, bathing, and feeding.
  • Assisted with the well-being of mental patients.

patient care assistant

  • Check patient’s pulse, temperature, and respiration.
  • Assisted patients with help moving in and out of beds and wheelchairs.
  • Transporting patients to procedures within the hospital.
  • Assisting the nurse with various aspects of clinical care.

patient care assistant

  • Prepare and maintain records of patient progress and services performed, reporting changes in patient condition to manager or supervisor.
  •  Assist patient with toileting activities,assist with feeding patient,feed patients who are not able to feed themselves
  • obtain and record vital signs,ADLs,and intake & output
  • Bringing about the cleaning, repositioning, and feeding of patients.

patient care assistant (pca)

  • Obtaining and charting patients vitals, intake & output, and other information.
  • Collect blood, urine or fecal specimens and sending them down to the laboratory for proper testing. 
  • Perform electrocardiograms (EKG), bladder scans, and other testing as deemed fit in accordance with the nursing staff.
  • Provide assistance to nursing staff with whatever may be needed.
  • Moving and transporting patients to other floors, or for scheduled testing such as MRI, Cat Scan. 
  • Continual observation on patients who require 1:1 support due to different situations. 
  • Contribute solace and a proper healing environment to not only patients but also to the families as well. 

patient care assistant

  • Checked patients’ pulse, temperature, and respiration to document changes and ensure it fell into the appropriate standards according to their physician.
  • Measure and record food and liquid intake or urinary and fecal output for proper medical updates and documentations. 
  • Execute patient care under the direction and supervision of the RN
  • Performs clinical tasks including: glucose meter, EKG’s and monitoring

patient care assistant

  • Assist patient’s in performing activities of daily living.
  • Document patient activity, intake and output, and vital signs. 
  • Aid in patient hygiene, including linen changes.
  • Establish a comforting and safe environment to patient’s.
  • Provide a clean environment for patient’s and their family members.

patient care assistant

  • Took and recorded vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates, and blood sugar.
  • Monitored patients intake of oral medications as directed by a nurse. 
  • served and fed bedside patients needing assistance, and recorded food or liquid intake and output.
  • Provide patients with help moving in and out of beds, baths, and wheelchairs. 

patient care assistant

  • Assisted patients with everyday personal care needs.
  • Maintained patient charts and confidential files.
  • Assisted patients with healing and recovery after surgery.
  • Obtained lab specimens and tested Glucose levels
  • Obtained vitals, weight, and height

patient care assistant

  • Resident assistant
  • Assist with medication administration
  • Patient care plans
  • Schedule doctor appointments
  • Documentation of Intake and Output on High Risk Residents
  • Assist with ADL’s
  • Assist with Activities for Entertainment

patient care assistant

  • Take and recorded temperature,pulse and Blood pressure.
  • Assisted patient with daily functions.insured safety and well-being of the patient.
  • Tested and recorded glucose levels
  • Maintain a clean healthy safe environment
  • Help move move in and out bed and wheelchairs

patient care assistant

  • Assist patients with daily living activities including personal grooming and feeding 
  • Administer medications following doctors instructions
  • Helped patients complete therapy and exercise activities
  • Kept patients living environment clean, neat, and free of safety hazards

patient care assistant

  • Able to do works like (Basic Administrative Duties).Transfer Patients with and without use of Equipment.Observe and Interpret observations.Support patients to maximize their independence.
  • Work within legal and ethical framework. First Aid Skills. 
  • Administer medication in Accordance with MOH guidelines and SOP.Support patients in their ADL. Support patients to meet their emotional, physical psychosocial, cognitive and spiritual needs.
  • Assist patient with personal hygiene, grooming, feeding through oral, NGT and elimination needs.I can put up and handle drips, Can do ECG, Assist patient with nebulizer.
  • Apply heat or cold therapy to patients using materials such as heat pads, , warm compresses, cold compresses, heat lamps, and vapor coolants.

patient care assistant

  • Obtain and record vital signs
  • bedmaking
  • assist patient with bath/shower
  • assist patient with toileting activites
  • assist with feeding or feeding patients unable to feed themselves
  • provide nourishment for patients as needed
  • monitor and document ADL’s and intake/outout

patient care assistant

  • Delivers safe and appropriate care to patients, according to the nursing skills inventory and the age and needs of the patient/population served.
  • Coordinates the planning for the delivery of nursing care with an interdisciplinary team and administers appropriate clinical decisions in the delivery of patient care.
  • Collaborates with, directs, and may delegate to the healthcare team in the attainment of positive outcomes based on data, research, evidence, and professional standards of care. Coordinates treatment plans; develops/implements discharge and/or transfer plans.
  • Participates in a systemic, interdisciplinary, and ongoing evaluation of programs, process improvement and desired client-centered outcomes.
  • Considers the diverse needs of each patient through the entire continuum of care, providing and ensuring the highest level of service according to established service standards, optimizing the patient experience.
  • Adheres to all regulatory and Texas Board of Nursing standards.

patient care assistant

  • Cared for elderly and geriatric patients with bathing, feeding, and companionship.
  • Communicated with patients in a clear and professional manner.
  • Maintained daily activities of three patients in their home.
  • Assisted patients with medication to ensure good health and well-being.

patient care assistant

  • Assisting patients with ADLs 
  • Take vitals and blood glucose level 
  • Empty and measure Foley catheters 
  • Make occupied and unoccupied beds 
  • Ensure patient areas are clean and organize patient belongings 
  • Perform EKGs 
  • Utilize Bladder Scanner 

patient care assistant

  • Patient care, EKG, Phlebotomy, Assisted in aiding the patient’s needs, comfort, and overall experience within the Emergency Room.
  • Assisted the nursing staff by demonstrating knowledge of EKG’s, Cardiac monitoring, Phlebotomy.
  • Assisted the Emergency patients with Mental Health Illnesses.Patient Transport.
  • Stocked E.R.
  • Medical supplies Meditech experience Trained new recruits on job performance and protocols.

patient care assistant

  • Obtained patient vitals
  • Sat 1:1 to ensure patient safety
  • Assisted nurses with dressing changes 
  • Notify Nurse of patient requests

patient care assistant

  • Responsible for disable patients in a wheelchair, ensured safety of geriatric, and paraplegic patient.
  • Identified issues and concerns expressed by the patient; took immediate action to resolve patient challenges.
  • Schedule infant follow-up appointment
  • Answer telephone and Intercom

patient care assistant

  • Pulls stock, and delivery of material to needed rooms 
  • Monitors expiration dates on supplies
  • Performs daily inventory 
  • Supplies specialty carts daily
  • Order and stock medical supplies for emergency rooms
  • Performs electrocardiograms 
  •  Trainer for new employees 

patient care assistant/ division secretary; mother and infant

  • Obtain Mother and Infant Vital Signs
  • Report Abnormal Vital Signs to Nurse
  • Create patient information packet
  • Stock nursery and room with supplies
  • Assist with Infant Daily Care
  • Record Mother and Infant Input and Output
  • Help physician with circumcision

patient care assistant

  • Taking patient’s vital signs
  • Feeding, and bathing patient’s
  • Bloodwork and EKG testing
  • Transfer patient to and from tests

patient care assistant

  • Accurately monitor and report symptoms or changes in patients’ conditions.
  • Support all aspects of patient care, including diet and physical activity.
  • Assist providers in minor procedures by handing them instruments or materials.
  • Translate for Spanish-speaking patients.

patient care assistant

  • Turn or reposition bedridden patients, provide physical support to assist patients to perform daily living activities, such as getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, standing, walking, or exercising.
  • Restock, Clean and sanitize patient rooms, bathrooms, or other patient areas.
  • Record height,weight, and patient belongings.
  • Collect  and transport specimens to laboratory such as urine, feces, or sputum.

patient care assistant/ certified medication aide

  •  Provided personal care to patients, including assisted in baths, oral hygiene, feeding, etc… 
  •  Help or assisted in dressing, bathing and undressing patients provide care to skin 
  • Remind them to take medication 
  • Assisted them in lunchroom and dining room 
  • Maintained reports regarding patients progress and acceptance or reaction to the medicines  
  • Provide care consistent with written instruction 

patient care assistant

  • Provided emotional support towards clients goals.
  • Transported clients to and from day programs.
  • Assisted with bathing and everyday life activities.
  • Recognized in 2011 for exhibiting the St Vincent core values.

patient care assistant

  • Planned, prepared and served meals to patients according to prescribed diets.
  • Changed linens for patients and attended to personal needs.
  • Kept their rooms clean and tidy.
  • Provided help with moving patients in and out of beds, dressed and groomed them as needed.

patient care assistant

  • Keep financial records or perform other bookkeeping duties.
  • assist with proper care of deceased patient and belongings.
  • 1:1 patient observation.
  • Pediatric and adult assistance. 

patient care assistant

  • Transport patients to different wards throughout the hospital
  • Cater to patients basic needs i.e food, drinks, comfort.
  • Assist nurses in patient care.
  • Perform general office duties, such as answering telephones, taking dictation, or completing charts.