Andrew Smith

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Professional Summary

My experience from General Motors Philippines and Emerson Electric Asia Ltd. working for Supply Chain Systems particular to analytics for more than twelve (12) years has made me proficient in analyzing the key performance metrics of our business units and at the same time provide them opportunities in improving Supplier Performance based on the following metrics: a) Payment Terms, b) Spend Under Contract c) Delivery Performance d) Freight terms, d) Supplier Regionalization, and even identify risks with their existing suppliers through Dunn & Bradstreet’s Supplier Risk Manager system.
Currently at GM, I am providing forecast thru SAP Enterprise Requirements Planning and some further analysis to help the suppliers in their production planning and ensure continuous supply of company’s material requirements.

Employment history

Senior Inventory Analyst, Wehner LLC. Eldonfurt, Maryland
Jul. 2019 – Present
  • Deliver SAP Solutions for GM Holden Aftersales services specific to Service Parts Planning (SPP), ERP Central Component (ECC), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Business Warehouse (BW-BOBJ)
  • Manage high accurate sales forecasting, inventory planning, supply and demand planning to SKU of 1.5 Million service parts with service level higher than industry benchmark
  • Apply innovative solutions in business process improvement initiatives via both IT (Information Technology) and DT (Data Technology) techniques
  • Create IT Insight Analysis reports and provide business enhancement request analysis
  • KPI Reporting on Forecast Accuracy, Inventory Metrics, Service Level report and adhoc reports

Supply Chain Systems – Sr. Team Lead, Tremblay LLC. Darrickbury, Wisconsin
Jul. 2016 – Apr. 2018
  • Oversee System Administration of Supply Chain System Tools and Applications such as: 
    • Ariba for online eSourcing
    • Emptoris for Contract Management
    • Dunn & Bradstreet’s Supplier Risk Manager for Supplier Management 
    • Material Information Network – central database of Supply Chain data across Emerson Business Units 
    • Inflation Model – for monitoring of Direct Material Inflation 
  • Prepare an executive summary on Supply Chain KPI Metrics that will provide brief analysis that is relevant information to management
  • Special Projects: Manage eSourcing projects / reports / analysis requirements 
  • Identifies problems, analyzes trends and implements corrective and preventive actions
  • Closely coordinate with Corporate and Division Supply Chain Management Teams to identify needs and evaluate System / Business solutions 
  • Assist direct reports in resolution of escalations on the area of specific support
  • Plans, assigns direct work to employees in cooperation with the direct superior to manage workload and projects
  • Evaluates individual performance and conducts performance discussions to keep everyone on track
  • Generates performance metrics reports based on team deliverable and present to management/counterparts
  • Establish continuous training to employees to improve efficiency and knowledge calibration
  • Performs regular coaching to enhance the performance of the staff and encourage participation in decision making
  • Collaborates and networks with other leads to complete assigned projects and program

Sourcing Project Engineer, Pacocha, Sporer and Pagac. Novellastad, Hawaii
Jan. 2007 – Apr. 2007
  • Develop sourcing plans in support of manufacturing’s needs.
  • Visit important trade shows and exhibitions to keep abreast of new suppliers.
  • Achieve annual sourcing volume and cost saving targets.
  • Drive cost reduction programs through the development & qualification of new suppliers or through the leveraging of growing spend with existing suppliers.
  • Support the sales teams by delivering competitive materials costs.
  • Negotiate preferential terms with suppliers in support of Supply Chain Management, Inventory reduction & working capital program and goals
  • Update negotiated Unit Price, qualified Preferred Suppliers per item thru SAP
  • Responsible for managing and optimizing the supplier base in the area of cost and supplier management.
  • Drive sourcing programs to create a competitive advantage in cost, quality and delivery to improve the Sourcing performance.
  • Manage the model cost and review cost improvement opportunities to ensure product competitiveness versus market.
  • Secures complete specification, drawing, sample and other requirements from corporate sales.
  • Work closely with suppliers and customers in new project start-ups, definition and implementation of sourcing, pricing/costing, and inventory management strategies.
  • Manage supplier performance and lead time reduction.
  • Recommends alternatives, replacements or equivalent if parts/material requirements are not available on time, or are not available at all, or if pricing is not competitive.
  • Prepares BOM Costing for development and bidding projects.

Purchasing Engineer, McDermott, Kuphal and Zieme. Albertoport, Oklahoma
Jun. 2004 – Aug. 2004
  • Analyses material availability base on MRP requirements
  • Updates the system with regards to material status
  • Creates and issues Purchase Order to vendors thru Oracle
  • Reschedules deliveries (Pull-in / Push-out materials as required)
  • Communicates with the vendor with regards to the confirmation of deliveries
  • Assures availability of materials for production
  • Maintains required inventory level of materials
  • Works with Engineering, QA and, Manufacturing on continuous improvement on quality of APC products
  • Work with vendor to implement VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and ensure JIT deliveries

Production Planner, Ryan-Boyle. Ervintown, California
Jan. 2003 – Mar. 2003
  • Receives and reviews all incoming customer order requirements based on production capacity
  • Acknowledges all accepted orders in thru Oracle database system
  • Submits planned schedule for all open orders for material analysis
  • Monitors line to check if production complies with the schedule thus satisfying customers
  • Communicates directly with the customers for discussion of improvement or conflict, if any
  • Coordinates with the material planners to satisfy production needs

Production Control Supervisor, Pacocha, Satterfield and Runte. Hodkiewiczstad, Wisconsin
Jun. 1997 – Sep. 1997
  • Monitors shipment of finished goods to customer thru export and local delivery
  • Coordinates to respective department regarding shipment backlog to customer
  • Prepares shipment status report to be submitted to the management
  • Checks incoming material delivery against shipment
  • Handles the Check Payment request for all the materials received
  • Monitors delayed delivery of the supplier every month as a result, delivery non-conforming report is required as a countermeasure
  • Check the issuance of materials as per production request
As part of Japanese culture, various positions are also obtained such as Purchasing Engineer, Production Engineer, and Calibration Engineer as entry level experience in the same company.


Western Oklahoma Academy, Koeppstad, North Carolina
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering, Jun. 1997


Dunn & Bradstreet Supplier Risk Manager

Supplier Negotiation

Project Management

Oracle Contract Management

SAP Ariba eSourcing

SAP (SPP, ECC, CRM Modules)

Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, PowePoint)

inventory analyst

  • Monitoring the purchase orders due on each day and solving issues related to it.     
  • Assist shipping department in packaging and shipping of product based on volume of workflow to help maximize efficiency of department.
  • Direct and coordinate the activities of employees engaged in the movement of material to production work stations
  • Recommend or implement measures to motivate employees and to improve production methods, equipment performance, product quality, or efficiency. 
  • Plan and develop new products and production processes such as implementing work orders to be used by production department to assist in tracking “Live” inventory in process.

inventory analyst (lead) / warehouse associate

  • Receiving product according to shipping manifest.
  • Recommend or execute personnel actions, such as evaluations, and recommendations for other departments.
  • Relocate quality approved product into inventory warehouse locations based on material type, quantity, and size.
  • Work closely with purchasing by verifying “Live” inventory against system inventory.
  • Placing material orders with purchasing department on an as needed basis.
  • Perform daily cycle counts.
  • Investigate any discrepancies found in “Live” inventory against system inventory.

inventory analyst

  • Receive and count stock items, and record data 
  • Prepare and maintain records and reports of inventories, shortages, and goods used or issued.using computer.
  • Issue or distribute materials, products, parts based on information from incoming requisitions.
  • As digital space was relatively new for the company. Major contribution was done in streamlining and regularizing digital components.    

inventory analyst

  • Investigate missing inventory and erroneous transactions to settle stock discrepancies and drive process improvements.
  • Audit warehouse operations in accordance to the documented processes and procedures.
  • Submit audit reports to operations management to outline findings, recommendations to correct issues and schedule follow-up audits.
  • Direct inbound or outbound logistics operations, such as warehouse activities, safety performance, or logistics quality management.

inventory analyst

  • Forecasting the demand for each store during promotions.     
  • Demand planning for assigned departments. 
  • Vendor Management – Monitoring the stock availability and communicating with the vendor about the same and fixing out of stock situations. 
  • Ensuring inventory is not stuck at any node in the supply chain Checking, documenting and pushing any inventory stuck in the supply chain.     
  • Closely monitoring out of stock situations and troubleshooting it.     
  • Frequent interactions with US counterparts to streamline the operations.     
  • Setting up of promotions in the system, allocation of quantities and out strategy management     

senior inventory analyst

  • Deliver SAP Solutions for GM Holden Aftersales services specific to Service Parts Planning (SPP), ERP Central Component (ECC), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Business Warehouse (BW-BOBJ)
  • Manage high accurate sales forecasting, inventory planning, supply and demand planning to SKU of 1.5 Million service parts with service level higher than industry benchmark
  • Apply innovative solutions in business process improvement initiatives via both IT (Information Technology) and DT (Data Technology) techniques
  • Create IT Insight Analysis reports and provide business enhancement request analysis
  • KPI Reporting on Forecast Accuracy, Inventory Metrics, Service Level report and adhoc reports

inventory analyst

  • Aim to become a gold standard for inventory control and profit optimization solutions for the Food & Beverage/Hospitality Industry across Asia and the Middle East. 
  • Providing clients integrated suite software and services to help them improve their processes and optimize cash flow.Industry’s worldwide leading provider of inventory management solutions.
  • detects and resolves challenges in all phases of inventory: counting, controlling, ordering, and inventory analytics, using data to help operators make better management decisions faster.
  • Responsible for the monitoring of incoming deliveries and transacting to system and maintaining of the warehouse inventory record accuracy within company standards.

inventory analyst

  • Audited inventory to meet company goals
  • Customized spreadsheet for internal use for loss prevention
  • Implementing administrative procedures 
  • Certificated for stand up, sit down fork lifts and cherry picker
  • Assisted new employees with knowledge of policy, procedures and operations

inventory analyst

  • Complied and maintained records of merchandise stocked in warehouse using internal database 
  • Developed SQL queries to extract data to be used  to track inventory, shortages, and pricing discrepancies
  • Utilized Microsoft Excel to create visualizations which would allow us to analyze consumption trends at various locations 
  • Communicated with vendors to ensure correct amounts and products were delivered and then distributed them to the appropriate store 

inventory analyst

  • Worked with Buyers and Catalog Directors to identify merchandise sales trends.
  • Responsible for daily order tracking and vendor communication.
  • Analyzed inventory needs and sales goals for catalog.
  • Identified and addressed inventory concerns: fulfillment, reorders, back-orders.
  • Communicated regularly with Quality Assurance and Distribution teams.
  • Worked closely with Distribution Center to resolve issues related to back-orders, product replenishment, and shipping logistics.

inventory analyst/checker

  • Check and verify product loaded on delivery trucks
  • perform inventory count
  • manage and coordinate loading dock
  • process outgoing shipments for delivery
  • train employees on forklift-power jack-truck operation
  • Assist warehouse supervisor in nightly operations