Andrew Smith

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Professional Summary

An enthusiastic professional individual with 9 years of being a Technician and technical operator with expertise in calibration, troubleshooting & fault finding and electrical wiring installation and troubleshooting. I am a hardworking individual who strives to achieve the best in all areas, and always eager to learn new skills and advance my career. Having completed a training course in bachelors of technology in electrical and electronics engineering, I am keen to build upon my knowledge and continue to learn within this sector.

Employment history

Instrumentation Technician, Torp-Keebler. South Johanna, Colorado
Jan. 2017 – Present
1. Calibration of various instrumentation equipment’s such as
actuators, pressure gauges etc.

2. Troubleshooting and fault analysis on electrical and instrumentation equipment’s such as laundry equipment’s, kitchen equipment’s, control panels, electrical beds, medical air compressors, actuator, sensors, controllers etc.

3. Operation and maintenance of BMS (building maintenance systems) equipment.

4. Carrying out PPM (planned preventive maintenance) on various
electrical and instrumentation equipment such as motors, electric
beds, nurse call system, controllers, actuators, sensors etc.

5. Carrying out PPM (planned preventive maintenance) on fire safety and Security equipment’s such as detectors, alarm panels, access control, sirens and emergency doors.

6. Carrying PPM (planned preventive maintenance) on various kitchen
and laundry equipment’s such as oven, deep fryer, microwave, dryer,
washing extractor, and calendar

7. Carrying out electrical wiring installation and troubleshooting

Technical Operator, Weimann, Mraz and Fritsch. Towneborough, Montana
Apr. 2012 – May. 2012
2. Full implementation of Kaizen concepts on lines allocated; 5S, AM Step 1 & 2 
3. Writing daily production summary reports on time. 

4. Managing visual displays on allocated lines and machines 

5. Maintaining and updating machine settings on site(machines) and Production Folder 

6. Cleaning, Inspection and Lubrication of all machines and their records and any other assignment as directed by superior. 

7. Calculate mean time between failures and mean time to repair and be part of root cause seeking thereof. 

8. Participate in all problem solving sessions where machines are involved. 

9. Ensure that process equipment are maintained clean all the time and update cleaning records. 

10. Report any product non-conformities as a result of machine failure to the section supervisor, and isolate any affected product to prevent unintended use. 

11. Run and operate all machinery in production. (Printer, Laminator, Slitter and Doctor) 

12. Train new operators on how to run and operate the machines properly/reduce down time and stoppage time (increase up time) and reduce raw materials wastage. 

13. Checking of all machines (having a check list) every day, and maintains complete machine history. 

14. Identifying problem/root cause on all machines that might delay the production and or cause non conformities on the product. 

15. Reporting any machine to Engineering that requires immediate repair, and to be able to identify and justify machines problem/s that repair or maintenance can be delayed (in favor of production) without causing additional problems or damage on the machine. 


Western Dooley, New Micah, Virginia
Bachelors of Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Aug. 2015

Windler Academy, Jospehburgh, New Jersey
Diploma of Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Jan. 2009


Computer Skills

Analytical Skills

Time Management Skills

Problem Solving Skills


Andrew Smith

Professional Summary

Experienced general maintenance worker adept in the areas of maintenance, repair, and operations of large facilities including mining industry and power plant.  Proven ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously while adhering to the set schedule and budget.  Extensive experience in construction, tubing conception, and installations.

Employment history

Instrumentation Technician, Simonis Group. Emardland, Maine
Oct. 2019 – Present
Carry out the maintenance of the industrial measuring instruments (sensor, transmitter, …), and control instruments (valve) to ensure the reliable operation of the automated plant supervision by the SCADA control system.

Laboratory technician, Dare and Sons. Williamsonview, Connecticut
Aug. 2016 – Sep. 2016
Development of a technical document on Rectivar (Schneider Variable Frequency Drive for low voltage direct current motor).

Lean and maintenance system trainee, Orn, Schultz and Durgan. East Dominga, Oregon
Jul. 2015 – Aug. 2015
Design study of an automatic flushing system for a biscuit production line and optimize the Check list of inspection and cleaning (preventive maintenance) for a biscuit production line.

Power plant Mechanical Trainee, Company JIRAMA, Glover, Smith and Crooks. Port Florentinastad, New Jersey
Aug. 2014 – Sep. 2014
 Perform all task related to the maintenance of the diesel genset Wartsila.


Northern Washington College, East Ike, Delaware
GED, Engineering of Automated Systems, Sep. 2016

The Haag Institute, South Christiaton, Delaware
GED, Industrial Engineering and Maintenance, Aug. 2015

South South Dakota College, Lake Monroe, Alaska
High School Diploma, Industrial Engineering, May. 2013

Personal info


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000


Electrical certification

PLC programming

Programing (C++, Visual basic)

Computer Assisted design

Computer Assisted drawing

Microsoft office

Instrumentation maintenance

instrumentation technician

  • Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning of the instrumentation installation on site.
  • Review of P&ID s and Familiarized in symbols and standards of Instrumentation.

instrumentation technician

  • Glanding the cable and checking the continuity of the cable.
  • Installing new Transmitter and gauges where parameter variable is required.
  • Ensure Spares balance and inventory control for all instruments spare parts.
  • Control and monitoring the on line valves using Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

instrumentation technician

  • Design, implement, maintain, or improve electrical instruments, equipment, facilities, components, products, or systems for industrial purposes.
  • Perform with maintenance planners as schedule work load.
  • Comply with all instructions for job tasks completion.
  • Installing and check the working of variable difference flow meter, Rotameter.

instrumentation technician

  • Maintain and update awareness of modifications to regulatory needs related to conduct of maintenance and construction of instrument.
  • Comply with classification and prioritization system for completion of work order.
  • Assist planning plus operations staff to identify skills and resource needed to complete planning and reactive work activities.
  • Comply with every approved operation and maintenance procedures.

instrumentation technician

  • Experience in Calibration and maintenance of Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Level Switches, Pressure Switches, and Temperature Switches.
  • Preventive maintenance of Control valve, Pressure gauge, Temperature gauge, Thermocouple, RTD, Transmitter, Pressure switches
  • Calibrating Transmitters (Pressure transmitter, Level transmitter, Flow transmitter, Temperature transmitter) and servicing all these transmitter
  • Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Calibration of Analytical instruments like pH, Conductivity, ORP. Muffle furnace and Flow meters ( Magnetic flow meters of Khrone Marshall, Rosemount and E&H Ultrasonic )
  • Calibration and maintenance of  Level Switches, Pressure Switches, Temperature Switches, Sensors (Electro magnetic sensor, Chlorine sensor, Level sensor) and Pneumatic Actuators.
  • Maintenance and servicing SOV, cylinders, pressure switch, NRV and conductivity meter
  • Loop checking, forcing the parameters and checking the status of isolators and converter. Control panel wiring and dressing.

instrumentation technician

  •  Conduct tasks related with maintenance and operations team. 
  • Develop and execute preventative maintenance programs.
  • Conduct instrumentation evaluation and troubleshooting for electrical, pneumatic, electronic as well as programmable logic control (PLC) systems.
  • Ensure to commission instrumentation effective following with repair and replacement.
  • Conduct test related to functional performance on instrumentation as needed by facility changes.
  • Involve in evaluation of instrument performance to identify optimization and enhancement opportunities.
  • Ensure conformance with environmental and safety requirements commensurate with executing required instrument maintenance or replacement activities.

instrumentation technician

  • Follow a preventative maintenance schedule
  • Ensure proper maintenance of Equipment, Compliance with relevant Electrical codes, and adherence to safety regulations
  • Boiler instruments maintenance
  • Ensure that work carried out is in accordance with all relevant statutory regulation

senior instrumentation technician

  • Interpret engineering drawings, schematic diagrams or formulas and confer with management or engineering staff to determine quality and reliability standards.
  • Provide services to Indigenous housing projects in culturally and environmentally sensitive areas.
  • On call break down service via UHF Radio and constant contact with control room operators.
  • Amendments to Schematic diagrams as required.

instrumentation technician

  • Calibration of various instruments, equipment smart and pneumatic
  •  A/C-D/C circuitry 
  • Reading P&ID’s and technical drawings and schematics 
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance and construction
  • Installing valves and transmitters
  • Abiding by OSHA standards
  • Test, repair and inspect monitoring devices

instrumentation technician

  •   Increased production volume and Line Efficiency from 80% to 86% by minimizing electrical and electronic downtime by implementation of effective and proper maintenance planning. 
  •  Increased cost index and quality index, by ensuring all Quality Control Test equipment in-line measuring devices for measuring beverage and bottles inspection units are calibrated. 
  • Recommends electronic instruments, materials and parts for use in the development of operations and maintenance systems. 
  •  Conducted PLC programming for the improvement of machine performance. 
  •  Performed electrical control design related to machine operation. 
  • Performed troubleshooting and repairs of all electronic instruments, and equipment parts. 

instrumentation technician

  • Working on all internal high voltage electrical networks throughout the mine  site and residential camp
  • Installing, maintaining, programming and fault finding on PLCs (Mainly Allen Bradley & Seimens)
  • Electrical maintenance and repair work at Bing Bong Port facility when required, including six months of being the sole electrician on site with 24 hour call outs 
  •  Task allocation, mentoring and supervision of other employees apprentices and subcontractors.

instrumentation technician

  • Site geotecnical tester,such as pizometer test,inclinometer test.Vibration test,sound test. 
  • Isolating and working on 33KV and 3.3KV ring mains, transformers, vacuum HV switching
  •  Maintaining/replacing all 1000v/240-415 pumps, motors and controls associated with process plant when required with quick turn around time.
  •  Maintaining all electrical systems and pumping stations in remote locations, for tailings dams, water supply etc. Required telemetry experience

instrumentation technician

  • Strong analytical skills, detail oriented, strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Cleaned and adjusted instruments 
  • Testing, maintaining and modifying existing systems
  • Providing specialist underground asset locations on and around Glencore property as required, providing depth, markings and all other details. 

instrumentation technician

  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Good in process parameter

instrumentation technician/ electrician

  • Undertaking industrial control troubleshooting and problem solving, both in field and in Yokagawa DCS control systems and PLCs. Undertaking repairs/replacements when required.
  • Monitoring, interpreting and managing DCS systems information and responding accordingly in quick time to ensure minimal production loss and maximum safety.
  • Extensive use of Elipse system, including creating job orders with costings for each task, using windows and excel spreadsheets. Logging hours with comprehensive job descriptions during and after each shift.
  • Performing stand in supervisory work when required for at least 5 full 2 week swings, usually for a crew of 10-12 electricians, including shut down work, meeting presentations and safety observations on crews.
  • Pricing, ordering and Purchasing of required materials and labour for specific projects.
  • Maintenance, installation and commissioning of all instrumentation on and off sites, including radar, ultrasonic, radiation density meters, coriolis meters, usually via lap top connection or DCS.
  •  11kV Sag and Ball mills, 11kV and 3.3kV regrind motors, 3.3kV Verti-mill and blower high voltage motors, maintenance/replacement/repairs, including HV switching, control and all associated paperwork