Andrew Smith

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Professional Summary

I am a University graduate from England currently on a gap year and a working holiday visa in Australia. I am a hardworking and intelligent individual looking for a job in Sydney. The field of fundraising is suitable to me due to my prior experience in the summer and my customer skills services. Working as a fundraiser and in a bar has taught me how to best deal with people, improving my self confidence and communication skills.  

Employment history

Legal work experience, Graham-Johns. Krystinabury, Illinois
Aug. 2017 – Sep. 2017
At a top law firm in Newcastle I worked in the Employment Department. I attended client interviews where there was an issue regarding sex discrimination. I then assisted the paralegal in researching an issue regarding the minimum wage. This experience allowed me to work inside an office and understand the environment. I was also able to develop relationships with customers through the experience. 

Fundraiser, Hermann, Cummings and Koelpin. Boscomouth, Alaska
Jun. 2017 – Aug. 2017
In the summer after I had graduated I worked as a fundraiser for various charities under the branch of Smile Fundraising. The job included going door to door asking individuals for donations or asking for these donations upon the street. The job required good inter-personal skills and an ability to develop a relationship with someone quickly. It also required persistence to continue to try and get donations after some rejections. 

Cabin Leader and Counsellor, Harris Inc. Capriceborough, California
May. 2016 – Jun. 2016
I have worked at a summer camp in America for the past two summers with adults and children with disabilities. The job required long hours and exceptionally hard work but is something that has had a significant impact upon my life. Being Cabin Leader meant I had great responsibility in co-ordinating and organising my staff while ensuring, most importantly, the safety of campers and their enjoyment of the whole experience. The leadership role has made me mature as a person and has developed a strong feeling of empathy and gratitude which are important in all aspects of life. 

Bar Staff, Marquardt Inc. Runolfssonport, Rhode Island
Dec. 2015 – Apr. 2016
Throughout my university years I had a part time job at the student’s union as a bartender and waiter. I served at the bar and had cleaning responsibilities throughout the shift. I would also sometimes deal with customer complaints so had to remain professional at all times. 

Casual Lifeguard, Nolan-Kshlerin. East Enriqueport, Texas
Feb. 2014 – Jul. 2014
Throughout my A-Levels I had a part-time job as a lifeguard at my local swimming pool. This was a position of high responsibility as the safety of all customers was critical. Communication skills were imperative in all aspects of the role from relaying issues to management and making my colleagues aware of potential problems which could arise in the pool. I would often have to deal with customer complaints so had to be professional at all times. 


White College, Port Geneva, Nevada
Bachelor of Arts, Law, Oct. 2017


Inter-personal skills


Customer service


  • Worked within shopping centres raising money for RedCross Australia
  • Explained what the charity was for and what the charity does for the community
  • Signed Up members of the community to get on board with the cause


  • Reaching out to donors and alumni to build and expand upon customer relationships.
  • Secure donations from individuals and create and update donor databases.
  • Collected over $64,000 in donations, with a pledge rate of 21%, by using extensive knowledge and persuasive skills.
  • Dealing with Donors through cold calling and using persuasive, selling techniques to gain donations


  • Responsible for engaging with members of the organization and welcoming new members for the charities we represent.
  • Raising awareness of the organization’s work, goals and financial needs
  • Gathering life-saving monetary donations for the client organization
  • Developing strategies to encourage new or increased engagement
  • Spreading awareness about an on-going campaign, Because I Am A Girl, which fights against major issues such as poverty, child marriage, slavery, FGM etc. existing in developing countries


  • Calculated donations for each individual donator
  • Negotiated donations to specific university funds
  • Interpreted data with the use of systems information
  • Articulated the significance of each donor


  • Contacting customers through cold calling to gain donations
  • Providing customer service and communicaton skills 
  • Use of persuasive, selling techniques to gain donations
  • Ability to build rapports with people.
  • Ability to work under pressure to achieve results.

fundraiser/ admin tele-communications

  • Daily constant communicating, working in multiple services
  • Representing reputable organisations such as Red Cross, Green Peace, The Wilderness Society, RSPCA, Unicef, Cancer Council, Refugee Trauma Recovery.
  • Dealing with private and personal information.
  • Updating & creating donor databases handling sensitive personal and financial information.
  • Communicating sensitive subjects and topics with individuals of all ages and demographics.
  • Handling customer information, complaints, queries and questions.
  • Gaining sale and interpersonal skill – competitive & motivation training, and required KPI recognition goals.


  •  cover all the model’s Financial needs 
  •  covering the catering needed for the events
  •  maintain good relations with the sponsors and the donors 
  •  modify the benefit package in coordination through the head of the committee and the vice of the section 
  •  create a strong data base


  • Director of Non-profit fundraising 
  • Managed merchandise sales 
  • Set-up/take-down stage for shows
  • Successfully exceeded the organisation’s fundraising target every month for three years running. 


  • Understanding global environment issues and educating citizens about the same.
  • Understanding the client NGO’s campaign and working with the team to create awareness in citizens about the campaigns and their impacts
  • Enrolling supporters by engaging with the team through activities and face-to-face interaction.
  • Created an active donor database, and put into place a system to grow said database further. 


  •  Specialize in face-to-face interaction with public/potential donors
  •  Create a strong fundraising message that appeals to potential donors 
  •  Explain the tax advantages of contributions to potential donors.
  •  Assist in brainstorming and creating new ideas to raise funds for organization 


  • Participated in the execution, and planning of fundraising efforts. 
  •  Built strategic relationships within the community. 
  • Maintained complete and accurate daily records of donors. 
  • Answered patron queries in a courteous manner. 


  • Collected variety of people in order to gain a higher fundraising profit.
  • Volunteered to raise money for kids cancer research.
  • Documented fundraising expenses and profit from the fundraiser.
  • Raised $240 plus for the kid’s cancer research.

fundraiser, unicef

  • Assisting existing donors to donate in the ongoing campaign through telecommunication & electronic mail.
  • Responsible for a team, learned and created a sales brief to motivate the team members and increase the number of donations.
  • Monitor the progress of fundraising drives.
  • identify and build relationships with potential donors.


  • Secured donations that were provided by customers.
  • Informed the purpose and benefits of the Parkinson’s Society fund-raising program.
  • Plan and direct special events for fundraising, such as bake sales, cut-a-thons, marathons, and garage sales 
  •  Helped in collecting funds for children who stay in slum area,where they dont have proper eductaion.To support these children to get them Proper education,so that they can grow more in there life. 


  • Circulated among potential customers or travelled to sell services.
  • Supervised and lead other staff 
  • Raised money for UNICEF
  • Reception work


  • To develop strategies to create new type of awareness programmes
  • To create awareness among general public and corporate executives for environment
  • To create supporters through awareness
  • Identified 800 potential personal donors 


  • Fundraising.
  • Going door to door for awareness and fundraising for the council.
  • Managing and successfully executed events for the council.
  • Teamwork with other colleagues for fundraising events.