freelance marketing consultant/advisor

  • Direct, motivate, and monitor the mobilization of a campaign
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors or distributors to manage product distribution, establishing distribution networks or developing distribution strategies. to advance campaign goals.
  • Increased the footprint of Vh1 Supersonic as a live IP from 35 colleges to 65 colleges across the nation generating 0.5million+ reach.
  • Increased revenues by almost 40% through the live properties channel.
  • Created a new channel of revenue by developing an artist relations vertical and garnered representations of over 10+ performing artists in the youth space sector.

freelance marketing consultant

  • Managed success execution of all events
  • Performed pre-event coordination activities
  • Monitored overall flow and make adjustment as and when needed
  • Coordinated with social media, public relations and other teams to execute product introductions.