Andrew Smith

Professional Summary

Proficient in Web/App Development with over 3 Years experience. Have worked and build over 15 Websites, 1 App and 1 Android Game.
Have experience in Graphic Design for over 3 Years in UI/UX and Motion Graphics and basic Video Skills. Have basic experience in Linear Regression in Machine Learning and Intermediate experience in NLP based Chatbots and Algorithms

Employment history

Co-Founder, Cummerata LLC. Port Valarie, Massachusetts
Aug. 2018 – Present
Merchit.in is an online Merchandising Website exclusively for College Students who want to keep their College lives as their momento
  • Managing the Vendor and Tshirts
  • Development of Website (CMS WordPress)
  • Designing the Tshirts
  • Marketing on Social Media

Web Developer, Heaney, Collins and Lebsack. Giovannifort, Connecticut
Jan. 2019 – Present
Sirhud Kalra is a Lifestyle Influencer, Fitness Expert, Motivational Coach and YouTuber. He has a fanbase of over 300K on YouTube alone, further he has a Masters degree from London School of Economics and is growing at a massive rate.
  • Ecommerce with upto 300 Products online – Add to Cart, WishList, Search Bar
  • Progressive Web APP
  • Social Media Displays ( Instagram, Facebook etc)
  • Online Training Packages
  • SEO for Ecommerce
  • Payment Portal ( PayPal, PayTM Merchant, BHIM UPI or RazorPay)
  • Registration using GPLogin – For Member Registration
  • Social Plugins
  • 3 Design Themes
testfinal.sirhudkalra.com -(Test Server)

Freelance Graphic Designer, Windler Inc. North Maxwellshire, Nebraska
Jun. 2018 – Present
The role is responsible for creating visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They would be responsible for developing the overall brand aesthetic, layout and production design for all print and published media.

Research Intern, Rice-Treutel. Isrealside, Oklahoma
May. 2018 – Jun. 2018
  • Worked with Google Data Studio, Big Data Tables and BigQuery to deliver efficient statistics of the telecommunication towers.
  • Building realtime chatbots in Azure Cloud Platform with Luis.ai
  • Fetch and Post Data from GCP Hosted API using Azure Cloud Services for a bot deployed on https://vashisth.me/indus_towers

Co-Founder, Reinger, Heller and Hansen. East Odelia, West Virginia
Feb. 2018 – Apr. 2018
Binder-bug is an online book selling platform exclusively for college students where Buyers and sellers can meet each other and actually save money

  • The website is built on Codeigniter, CSS3, few JS Libraries and basic backend on MySQL

Web Master, Sawayn-Feest. East Arlenestad, Colorado
Nov. 2017 – Dec. 2017
Designed and developed www.tedxmanipaluniversityjaipur.com using Backend on MongoDB and MVC using Angular 4.0

Intern, Parker-Goodwin. Jastberg, Kentucky
May. 2017 – Jun. 2017
At Lucideus Tech I helped the team by managing the Services webpages of Lucideus Tech.
  • The Admin Dashboard
  • The Emailers
  • The Poster Designs
  • The Landing Page Design and Web Design Code using HTML5,CSS3 and JS


East Lemke, Terrancemouth, Virginia
Bachelor of Science, Information Technology, Present

Personal info


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287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000










Adobe Photoshop


freelance graphic designer

  • Freelance Graphic, Web Designer, Social Media Specialist.
  • Work independently with various established and startup companies to create marketing and promotional web materials, plans and strategies. Successfully spearhead marketing campaigns on social media platforms.
  • Accelerated local presence and expanded client base with professionally designed business cards, appointment cards, and brochures. 
  • Evaluated vendors and identified cost effective avenues for print production.

freelance graphic designer

  • Confer with clients to discuss and determine poster/banner design.
  • Generated detailed specs of final designs.
  • Planned, organized and scheduled work.
  • Updated computer graphic files using graphics software programs.

freelance graphic designer

  • Used Adobe software to create images and layouts.
  • Contributed design ideas in early planning stages with customers and project managers.
  • Built corporate brands by designing cohesive looks between elements such as logos and letterheads.
  • Applied knowledge of production to create high-quality images.
  • Completed final touches for projects such as images sizes and font selection.
  • Created digital image files for use in digital and traditional printing methods.
  • Provided high quality results in a timely manner.

freelance graphic designer

  • Created aesthetically-pleasing advertisements that complementedproducts
  • Put together videos for social media, advertising and informationalpurposes
  • Completed final touches for projects such as images sizes and fontselection
  • Used Photoshop to create images and layouts

freelance graphic designer

  • Collaborated with clients to ensure style consistency with their design goals
  • Generated new ideas with limited direction to create personalised online banners, headers and icons
  • Generated detailed specs of final designs
  • Conceptualised brand development for web-based clients

freelance graphic designer, web designer, web administrator

  • Concevoir,ou gérer des sites Web à l’aide de langages de rédaction ou de script, d’outils de création de contenu, d’outils de gestion et de supports numériques.
  • Effectuer ou diriger les mises à jour du site Web.
  • Rédiger,modifier le contenu d’une page Web ou diriger les autres producteurs de contenu.
  • Sauvegarder les fichiers des sites Web dans des répertoires locaux pour une récupération instantanée en cas de problème.
  • Identifier les problèmes non résolus par les tests ou les commentaires des clients, corriger les problèmes ou renvoyer les problèmes au personnel approprié.
  • Surveiller les journaux de performances du système de sécurité pour identifier les problèmes et avertir les spécialistes de la sécurité en cas de problèmes.

freelance graphic designer

  • Use of MS Office & Adobe Creative Cloud
  •  Presentation Expert (Prezi & PowerPoint)
  • Conceptualized and developed graphics products using Prezi & PowerPoint.
  • Put together videos for social media, advertising and informational purposes. 

freelance graphic designer

  • Typography.
  • Photo Editing, Creating Brochures, Banners & Logos for small businesses.
  • Creativity, communication skills and problem solving skills, a good eye for colour.
  • Self- motivation able to work under strict deadlines and to budget my time.

freelance graphic designer

  • Conceptualize visuals based on requirements.
  • Prepare rough drafts and present ideas.
  • Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software.  
  • Amend designs after feedback.
  • Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand.

freelance graphic designer

  • Maintained corporate website using WordPress and designed social media graphics.
  • Designed large format marketing materials for trade shows.
  • Worked with outside vendors to ensure projects were printed correctly and delivered by deadlines.
  • Assisted in coordinating corporate events

freelance graphic designer

  • T-shirt design
  • Invitation/Cards for events like weddings and baby showers
  • Posters and Flyers 
  • Illustration(s) 

freelance graphic designer

  • Being able to work under independently and under pressure.
  • Able to work with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator.
  • Layout Design.
  • Design and Visualization.
  • Branding and Advertising.
  • Pre-Press and Problem- Solving.
  • Packaging.

freelance graphic designer

  • Create and prepare sketches and model drawings providing details from memory, live models, manufactured products, or reference materials.
  • Coordinate and design stage visuals for international clients.
  • Composite info-graphic style advertisements.
  • Self publish through social media.

freelance graphic designer

  • Combine business marketing goals into each design scheme.
  • Created logos, web design/content management, book covers, brochures, slide presentations, event posters, company ads and email blasts for various organizations.
  • Organized and executed successful fundraising events.
  • Created and maintained blog