Andrew Smith


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287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

State and Federally certified Environmental Specialist with over 10 years experience  inspecting in all areas of food service and production facilities. Strong working Knowledge of FDA/USDA food Codes and ISO and RMP’s insuring compliance of code. Dedicated, dependable, and successful professional ready to help the company achieve the next level of excellence.  

Employment history

Jun. 2011 – Nov. 2011
Johnsonmouth, Colorado
Environmental Specialist, Block, Grant and Ward

  • Identify case issues and evidence needed, based on analysis of charges, complaints, or allegations of law violations.
  • Coordinate with other professionals, such as contractors, architects, engineers, and plumbers, to ensure job success.
  • Prepare or review specifications or orders for the purchase of safety equipment, ensuring that proper features are present and that items conform to health and safety standards.
  • Provide technical support and services for scientists and engineers working in fields such as agriculture, environmental science, resource management, biology, and health sciences.

Jul. 2003 – Jul. 2005
Jenkinsfort, South Dakota
Foodservice Coordinator, Koss, Douglas and Wisoky

  • Evaluate the work of staff and volunteers to ensure that programs are of appropriate quality and that resources are used effectively.
  • Train other staff, volunteers or student assistants, and schedule and supervise their work.
  • Verify attendance, hours worked, and pay adjustments, and post information onto designated records.
  • Keep records of assignments and produce detailed work reports.


Oct. 1980
Bachelor of Science: Sociology

  • North Stamm – North Allanshire, New Hampshire


Senior inspector for food service/production facilities

Inspector Training/Compliance

Interpretation and Implementation of FDA/USDA Food code

environmental specialist

  •   Handling different projects related with environmental studies including Initial Environmental Examination IEE an Environmental Social Assessment.
  • Coordination with clients ‘ Islamabad electrical supply company (IESCO), World Bank (WB), capital development authority (CDA).
  • Worked with IESCO and World Bank in following project: Environmental & Social Assessment (ESA) of Remaining portion of APL-I (Adaptable Program Loan) and whole of APL-II of Electricity Distribution and Transmission Improvement Project (EDTIP). 
  • Reviewing the documents and correcting them for approval.

environmental specialist

  • Use water turbidity equipment to monitor and collect hourly readings on HDD River crossings.  Prepare hourly data in daily environmental reports for the client.
  • Test drilling waste for toxicity and D-50 guidelines.  Determine best disposal method to contain costs for client.  
  • Conduct fish salvage on open cuts.  Ensure isolation of stream. Electro-fish the stream to remove fish within the isolation barriers.  Return fish to natural stream and document species, length, weight. 
  • Assist environmental inspectors on stream rehabilitation planning by determining natural channel flow prior to open cut.  
  • Environmental inspector for HDB under roadways, utilities, streams.  Track waste, drilling additives, water used, and determine most cost effective waste disposal method. 

senior environmental specialist

  • Facilitate and lead several environmental programs which includes training staff to meet program and department objectives, developing and adhering to established budgets, and  maintaining operations within regulatory requirements. 
  • Oversee several data sets serving as reference for contractors, and interested stakeholders, and recently implemented a searchable electronic data storage system for historic documentation.
  • Present findings of environmental studies or proposals for environmental remediation to other restoration professionals to a variety of groups including both state and local government agencies, stakeholders, and the general public.
  • 2018 Larimer County Innovation Award Nominee
  • Colorado School of Public Health Master’s Program Preceptor
  • City of Fort Collins West Nile virus Technical Advisory Committee member 2014- present
  • Participate in tasks assigned by County Manager / Commissioners

environmental specialist

  • Collect and prepare samples for testing and analysis.
  • Collect samples of gases, soils, water, industrial wastewater to conduct tests on pollutant levels or identify sources of impacts
  • Weigh, analyze, or measure collected sample particles, such as hydrocarbons, BTEX, and salinity concentrations to determine concentration of impacts.
  • Provide information or technical or program assistance to government representatives, and clients on the issues of health, environmental protection, or workplace safety.
  • Set up equipment or stations to monitor and collect impact from sites, such as oil and gas exploration, production, plants, or mechanical equipment.
  • Supervise and organize contractors, and lead multiple crews.
  • Contact and coordinate with landowners and clients.

environmental specialist

  • Restocked hospital rooms, emptied trash, swept and mopped floors.
  • Peer review all environmental related reports submitted by consultants, provide comments and manage consultants/service providers; 
  • Coordinate and manage environmental audit findings by internal and external auditors for projects in execution; 
  • Facilitate environmental authorization process for all projects requiring environmental approvals;

environmental specialist

  • Manage Environmental consultants (EAP & ECO);
  • Monitor compliance with Environmental Authorisation requirements for all projects during and post projects implementation;
  • Identify opportunities for cost-effective solutions to existing and new environmental challenges while still managing the environmental risks;
  •  Internal reporting for senior management and client (STEERCO, EXCO, and OPCO);

environmental specialist

  • Provide technical assistance/guidance on compliance assurance projects.
  • Provide environmental compliance support to clients, including on-site assistance as needed.
  • Develop and review plans, procedures, and reports for air quality, hazardous waste, spill prevention, stormwater, and wastewater program compliance.
  • Perform environmental compliance audits and implement follow-up corrective actions 
  • Prepare technical proposals and participate in business development with existing clients and identified leads. Maintain client relationships that generate repeat business.

environmental specialist

  • To provide strategic environmental advise on Strategic Investment Projects during feasibility and planning phase;
  • Develop Environmental and Social Governance; and Sustainable Development Design Reports in relation to Equator principles and IFC standards; 
  • Play an active role in infrastructure project development by offering technical environmental inputs in all phases of the projects;
  • Develop terms of reference for appointment of environmental consultants (EAP, ECO, and Specialists) to conduct impact studies, specialist studies and monitoring programmes;
  • Stakeholder engagement management with authorities (e.g. DEA, DWS, MTPA) and I&APs;
  • Identify environmental and social risks and recommend mitigation measures and monitor the implementation thereof;
  •  Providing quality assurance with respect to the implementation of the environmental governance framework during construction;

senior environmental specialist

  • Work in teams to perform lab pack services including chemical segregation, packing, and disposal
  • Operate vacuum trucks/ box trucks as well as other equipment
  • Respond to chemical spill emergencies by managing the containment, clean up, and disposal of hazardous materials
  • Experience in industrial wastewater, petroleum impacted water and drummed hazardous/non hazardous waste hauling and disposal services